The fans of Pumas flooded Jerónimo Rodríguez: “He is the worst player I have ever seen in my life”

Jerónimo Rodríguez was signaled by Alvarado's goals.  (Photo: Instagram/@jero.rod)
Jerónimo Rodríguez was signaled by Alvarado’s goals. (Photo: Instagram/@jero.rod)

Cougars had a chance to qualify for the playoffs, but Cruz Azul and Roberto Alvarado opposed on the way, at least during the first half. The lice scored three goals that gave the advantage to Machine by 3-1 just at halftime. The youth squad’s participation Jerónimo Rodríguez It caused annoyance in the fans of the university club, which totally exploded against the left back for their collaboration in the celestial so many.

Through social networks, the Auriazul fans unloaded all their discontent against Rodríguez, a player who they blame for the opportunity that the cats have missed for getting into reclassification.

The fans did not forgive the youth squad.  (Photo: Twitter / @ fernanpunk)
The fans did not forgive the youth squad. (Photo: Twitter / @ fernanpunk)

“Jerónimo Rodríguez go pumas for the love of the institution and for your own dignity. It would be a compliment to call you a trunk, ”a user tweeted in response to Rodríguez’s neglect. Other fans recalled that, beyond being a youth squad, the performance of Jerónimo must be questioned, they even reinforced the idea of ​​asking him to leave the club. “If it’s not making your debut just to make your debut and Jerónimo Rodríguez is the sample,” commented a fan, who also compared the moment of the side with the story that goalkeeper Alfredo Saldívar lived.

“What I love is when they say that reinforcements are not brought in certain positions because they ‘cover places for the kids’ and the guys they have are Jerónimo Rodríguez,” the fans exploded on Twitter.

Rodríguez monopolized the criticism of the fans.  (Photo: Twitter / awwsari)
Rodríguez monopolized the criticism of the fans. (Photo: Twitter / awwsari)

The criticisms not only stayed with Rodríguez, who made key mistakes for the goals of the heavenly visit, but also reached the technical director of the Pumas, the Argentine Andres Lillini: the fans also asked for his departure from University, the club he led to the final of the tournament Guardians 2020, last year. The performance of the auriazules has declined significantly since that championship lost at the hands of the Lion.

“Everything seemed that this afternoon would be a blue and gold party, until the classic errors of the defense came out! What a Jerónimo Rodríguez match that we thought could not give a worse match than the one he gave against America, but it surprises every day! ”, Published a user. “Jerónimo Rodríguez is the worst player in the club’s history”, Another one lashed out. The hashtag # OutsideJerónimoRodriguez gained strength among the Pumas fans.

Pumas found in Jerónimo a person in charge.  (Photo: Twitter / @ PpQerubinDeDios)
Pumas found in Jerónimo a person in charge. (Photo: Twitter / @ PpQerubinDeDios)

Pumas found a way out in the match and managed to match the cards through Favio Alvarez, another highly questioned item, and Diogo de Oliveira. To the surprise of locals and strangers, the cats managed to prevail over Blue Cross with a score 4-3. The game brought back inevitable memories of last year’s semifinals, when the university students drew 0-4 suffered in the first leg. The overall tie gave the ticket to the Pumas.

The university students needed to get the three points to enter the repechage for the ticket to the League. Only with a victory could they achieve it. A draw or a defeat would have cost them access. Now, with the presence in the repechage assured, Pumas will have to wait for his rival. There could still be movements because of the match between Santos and Atlético San Luis. If the Las Tunas win, Pumas would go to 12th place and his rival would be the Toluca.

The university students entered their stadium with the illusion of getting the last ticket to the play-offs and they have achieved it, despite the bad times that he put them through Jerónimo Rodríguez.


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