The fate of the Titanic: “It is difficult to recover them alive”

A futile race against time, they could not get it. The shipping company’s shocking tweet leaves no hope: “it’s hard to get them alive, Titan one is missing 3000 meters deep in the Atlantic Ocean. shipping company only ocean gate All hope is over. And he does it with a short tweet: “Even if we find them in time, we are not sure that we will be able to bring them back alive,

A realistic, dramatic statement that leaves nothing to chance. locate Titan Not only is it hard in the depths of the ocean, then we have to look at how to get it back to the surface. Who goes to trap him in the darkness and in those depths?

Locked in a titanium box at 3,800 meters deep

The end of this adventure disappoints everyone for several reasons: an ugly death in a narrow and long capsule. Stuck at that depth, only one window, one bathroom, no seating. Defined number of hours of oxygen and then death. the dramatic fate that has always surrounded the object of that voyage, the voyage to the wreck Titanic Or what remains of it and which will soon disappear due to erosion of the material.

A ship that in itself evokes another absurd tragedy, because of its dimensions, because of the cynical fate of meeting an iceberg, not seeing it, not enjoying enough construction to withstand the impact. thousands died They’re still locked in that damned ship. feeling of claustrophobia Which must have overwhelmed the passengers after realizing their fate. We all wonder how awful it is to understand that you are destined to die one after the other, there is no way out.

One of the passengers didn’t trust him and left

It’s disappointing that this was a venture born for fun, a challenge, something almost impossible. how to fly in space In fact, it sounds like that kind of business.

Adventure with Titan cost British billionaire a lot of money harmish harding 58 years old friend King Charles III of England, Pakistani businessman with him Prince Dawood 48 years old with his son Suleman 19 e stockton rush 61 year old, shipping company owner ocean gatewith french driver Paul Henri Nargolet 77 years of age.

Chris Brown61, had paid the deposit for the journey but has then changed my mind, He had inquired about the quality of technology and materials used, according to reports Sun And had given up after losing £80,000. Among his concerns was Oceangate’s use of “old scaffolding poles” for ballast and its controls being “based on computer game-like systems”.

Brown later explained that although he was “one of the first people to sign up for this trip, I ultimately decided that the risks were too great.” Then, he said he felt “really upset” for Hamish, who is one of five passengers currently on the missing submarine. Submarine lost contact during dive looking for the wreckage of Titanicwhich is about 12,500 feet in the Atlantic,

A similar incident has happened earlier this summer as well.

There the last summer It had already happened that a submarine From ocean gate Yeah it was Titanic lost 3 hours en route to the wreck, the reporter was on that submarine David Pogue From CBS American, who was able to tell about that bad experience and the feelings of claustrophobia, even though everything has ended for good. Anyone who agrees to leave signs a contract in which he absolves the company of any liability in the event of an accident., There is always danger in such adventures.

Brown and Harding decided to have this experience while on vacationnecker island, They paid the deposit together during the construction of the submarine. Brown, as we saw, didn’t trust and did the research. they saw that Titan Major objectives were missed during the depth test. Brown, who understands electronics, discovered that the ship was being operated by a controller. Play Station Revised. The venture required high-profile professional instrumentation. Finally he asked for the money back and left.

A safe and resistant boat according to the owners

The submarine was launched from the icebreaker on Sunday morning canadian coast guardrented from ocean gate, The support vessel then lost contact one hour 45 minutes, they reported it Titan 435 miles (700 km) south of St. John’s To Newfoundland, Then nothing else. eager to talk about the shipping company Titan As the largest deep diving submersible and with much higher protection than its competitors. Unfortunately it was just as the owners of the Titanic said and we see how it went.

Titan It is made of titanium and carbon fiber and weighs about 9 tons in the air, but ballast is applied to float on the seabed. they say it can reach i 4 km deep Tested in over 50 test dives, with a high safety margin. The pressure at those levels is terrible. But as you know the unexpected should always be taken into account. We don’t know what would have happened and who knows if we’ll ever be able to shoot it.

Even if they find it, how can it be brought back to the surface?

The Coast Guard has detected a sound coming at regular intervals from the depths and deduces that it must be the same. The pilot, who is an experienced diver, knows the protocol to alert rescuers and is probably the one who shouts for three minutes every half hour. noise also picked up by a Canadian Lockheed P-3 Orion underwater surveillance. They were scrutinized throughout the day on Monday and Tuesday. 26,000 sq km of oceanthe bigger the space lebanon,

French ship since Wednesday Atlas The robot swung into action with the submarine Victor 6000Remotely operated. It is logical that if Titan it will happen anyway a difficult undertaking to make it back to the surface and even maneuver in the dark a 3,800 meters in the depth of the sea, Experts also evaluate the possibility that it has reappeared somewhere but the point does not change much as the doors can only be opened from the outside.

In 2000, a Russian submarine sank with 118 sailors on board.

it comes to mind 12 August 2000 event for Russian nuclear submarine Kursk, Engaged in naval exercises. one of the test torpedoes it damages the vessel and leaves it at the bottomThen another explosion rocked it again but disabled it. Many of the 118 sailors died eg in two burstsOnly 23 were left waiting for help But they did not reach.

A Norwegian special vessel equipped with a bathyscaphe docked with the submarine, it was completely flooded and there were no survivors. The letters from the sailors who waited in vain to be rescued were heartbreaking. For days the world held its breath in the hope of rescuing some captured sailors, but it was all in vain and the Russian relief forces were accused of serious delays.

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