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The United States Of America.- Scott Swiftthe father of the singer Taylor Swiftif you he faced the the subject of the armed in the a house his daughter, when he broke into, trying to a thief in thedone that, managed to get frustrated and he walked away unscathed, thankfully.

Recently, it was shown that on the 17th day of February, the father of the artist I he found a robber armed with a gun in a house, you have your daughter in the Ot. Trinidad and tobago, when he was returning from a tour of the area, you see it in time to get away and seek help, he decided to face up to it, and forcejearon for several minutes until the robber was able to escape.

The lord is Swfit to have identified the perpetrator, who turned out to be Terry Hoover’s 30-year-old, who has a criminal record for domestic violence, and strangulation, aggravated assault, robbery, aggravated assault with a deadly weapon, and kidnapping.

It should be noted that the Investigators have already been arrested, and told them of the theft and break-in, but we still don’t know when it will be codenado, and how much time it will take for the prison.

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