The festival “Il Canto delle Sirene” returns to Capri: from a concert in the Blue Grotto to performances in the Certosa Monastery: here are the guests and the program

The international festival of Capri (and Anacapri) “Song of the Sirens” from September 13 to 24 enlivens the terraces of ancient villas, squares, the beach and even the famous Blue Grotto. A journey into the island’s enchantment between music and theater

Divas of cinema, opera and dance stopped to look at this sky and this sea with the amazement that you experience when faced with a work of art. It’s hard to forget Capri if you spend at least one night there. Even if you are a star in Hollywood, La Scala, or the Metropolitan Theater in New York: the temptation of the most famous island in the world remains within you, like a song. To open Capri International Festival “Song of the Sirens” On September 13 (to 24) at the arches of the Small Monastery of the Certosa di San Giacomo Photo exhibition “Zeffirelli’s Stars and Divas”, created jointly with the Foundation Franco Zeffirelli The director is the son of the great director Pippo.

In a stream of memory, a hundred years after the artist’s birth, a selection of iconic photographs gives the public the uniqueness of some of the most famous Italian and world stars cwhich the artist worked on throughout his career. From Carla Fracci to Claudia Cardinale, from Fanny Ardant to Valentina Cortese, from Laurence Olivier to Anthony Quinn. But they exist too Brooke Shields, Cher, Monica Bellucci. And an absolute couple Liz Taylor and Richard Burton caught while filming “The Taming of the Shrewin 1967. “To my father, Liz was an extraordinary woman not only on stage,” says the director’s son, “she had many hands and was a prima donna par excellence. But when he arrived on the set, he humbly asked everyone, from the stagehand to the last technician, for a name so that he could call everyone by their first name.”

However, it is precisely the image that Anna Magnani portrays in “she-wolf 1965 to bring back your most vivid personal memories. Those jokes that tell the real life of stars. “My father considered Anna, perhaps, the most real actress, but he also appreciated her courage and humanity as a woman with a difficult fate. They were very good friends.” Every Saturday she went to dinner with him in Rome. “However, she set one condition,” says Pippo, “she wanted to be the only one invited. However, one day he unexpectedly called Maria Callas, and the maestro invited her too. Magnani was furious. When the deity arrived, the situation took an unexpected turn. Callas knelt down in front of Anna and kissed her hands with adoration. The tension disappeared in an instant. The three of them ended up having lunch, but my father had to remain silent because they were the only ones talking.”

The exhibition route pays tribute to Maria Callas, one of Zeffirelli’s most famous muses, to whom he dedicated his last feature film Callas Forever, with a photograph alongside the director and two photographs on the set of La Traviata(1958) and “Yearning(1964). Zeffirelli’s personality is also revealed through the screening of the film “F.Ranco Zeffirelli, rebellious conformist” directed by Anselma Dell’Olio, chronicling the defining moments, turning points and roller coaster rides of her brilliant and eventful international career. Guest of honor for the evening was Robert Powell, famousJesus of Nazareth”1977 TV movie.

After the discovery of the past and memory, the Festival gives way to today in the name of theater, music, poetry. And other stars pick up the baton. September 15 world premiere “Jean-Baptiste Poquelin, known as Molière“, in the Great Monastery of Certosa di Capri, seen on stage Alessio Boni and Alessandro Quarta. This is a passionate declaration of love for the theater and its freedom of expression. Unloved by the authorities since ancient times. There is no more powerful, comic and tragic example than the story of the greatest actor and writer of the French 17th century: the son of a Parisian upholsterer known as Molière. Between sensational fiascoes and even more sensational successes, great love, jealousy, cruel suspicions of incest, sublime performances with bitter laughter, frescoes of Parisian and court society, seasoned with fierce criticism, the theatrical story is twofold, for voice and music.

On September 16th we move on to dancing with National debut of the Barcelona Flamenco Ballet in the “Flamenco Renaissance” in the Great Monastery of Certosa di San Giacomo in Capri. Led by David Gutierrez and Paula Reyes, the troupe combines three dance styles: jazz, contemporary and flamenco. The next evening is dedicated to poetry instead. Marilou Prati in “Rainer Maria Rilke” begins with the poet’s stay in Capri and his most beautiful texts, including “Song of the Sea”, “Spring Wind”, “Sunset”, “Bowl of Roses”.a cycle of sonnets dedicated to roses, almost a memory of his journey around the island.

On September 20, the second part of the Festival will take place with “Great History of Drama“features Ciro Capano and Lalla Esposito accompanied by an orchestra in Piazza San Nicola in Anacapri, and continues on the 21st with Isa Danieli and Patrizio Trumpetti in national premiereA false accident(excerpt from a song by Edoardo Bennato, written by Trumpetti). Through a letter to this new friend, the actress begins to subjectively re-read a dense series of human and artistic events, looking for and, perhaps, finding a reason in the choice made. The aspirations of the main character, his successes and failures again take shape thanks to the reflections of the actress.

September 22 at the Quizisana Theater in Capri Star Marisa Laurito in “Donna Lucia Morgano and Zoom Kater Hiddigey“, with Geppy Gleyeses, artistic director of the Festival. Giuseppe and Lucia Morgano’s cafe hosted a world that mattered at the beginning of the last century, helping to create the myth of Capri. The next day, September 23rd concert of Neapolitan melodies in the Blue Grotto with the public on a boat – one of the highlights of the event. With zero environmental impact, no acoustic support and battery powered, Fiorenza Calogero and Mario Maglione perform three concerts in the natural cave of the Grotto.

In the evening we move to the Terrace della Canzone del Mare (Marina Piccola) in Capri, where Ramin Bahrami and Danilo Reatwo great pianists from around the world performing at the concert “Bach in the Moonlight”“, a jazz interpretation of the composer’s works. Next, big popular festival on Capri beach in Marina Grande: Ondines. Not only for the residents of Capri, but also for all tourists and lovers of the island.

The festival will close on September 24. it is located in San Nicola Square in Anacapri. Iaya Forte and Tommaso Ragno they say “Arbasino show” Michele Masneri. A show that brings together all the genres that Alberto Arbazino, one of the most eminent writers and essayists of the twentieth century, crossed with irony. From “rap” to musicals, from poetry to songs, from novels to civic essays.

Music, poetry, theater under the stars of Capri have something special: “It is a privilege to work in theater in some of the most theatrical places in the world.“, explained artistic director Geppi Gleieses three years ago when he created the event. “This is an act of love for the island, we wish that in this place where exclusive events of international brands take place and you travel to Rolexes and resorts, there is a return to Capri, a mental place, a collective dream, a culture.”

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