The fifth season of Supergirl already have your villain main


As the trailer did not give details about it, since Variety is commissioned to finally reveal who will be the villain leading into the fifth season of Supergirl.

According to the medium, the series for The CW starring Melissa Benoist was recruited to Jennifer Cheon Garcia (Van Helsing) to interpret Midnighta character that is described as “a murderer released from a prison of another world to get revenge on the person who put it there” and to be presented as a “the physical manifestation of the darkness”.

The average does not indicate if Midnight will be based on a character from the comics of DC or if it is an original creation of the series. However, on the basis of the description, everything points to that it would be a version of M1dn1ghta villain presented in the pages of Superwoman #15 (2017) by Kate Perkins and Sami Basri.

In that story M1dn1ght was a computer program created by Lena Luthor to help her to escape from a prison interdimensional. However, after helping Lena, M1dn1ght began to take control of their actions and unleashed the chaos in order to free themselves. All clear, before being stopped by Superwoman.

Considering that the fifth season of


face Kara Lena

and also will a

critical focus on the technology

it’s easy to imagine that, if this is effectively an adaptation of that character, the series will adopt a course similar to the comic book by incorporating their own nuances.

Supergirl will premiere its fifth season on October 6 in the united States.