The figure rejected the Warriors’ offer as a result (+ details)

One of the figures that Golden State Warriors fans miss is JaVale McGee, who was one of the players who helped the team tremendously back in the day. However, fans are hoping to see him again this season. The athlete in a Warriors uniform prioritized another team over the Warriors’ offer.

McGee signed with the Sacramento Kings two days after being waived by the Dallas Mavericks, but the Warriors were also interested in signing him, but he said the player preferred the Kings because of his opportunity to play a larger role.

The center has almost been under Steve Kerr, who some Warriors players have pointed out recently as a coach who typically doesn’t get a lot of playing time, a situation that has been even more evident in the past playoffs. obvious. , he didn’t let Jonathan Kuminga and other inexperienced players play much games.

McKibben could be the final reinforcement for the Warriors, but now he will be a member of the Kings. The Kings have made it clear that they will not give up playing time. Everything depends on this player’s performance on the court.

This signing will help the Kings have a stronger rebounding department, as the player will be a big help in that area next season in the best basketball league in the world due to his length.

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