The film that tells the story of Meghan and Harry

The history lived by the Prince Harry and Meghan Markle in recent years it seems taken from fiction. Probably not even the best screenwriter in the UK would have come up with such a bizarre plot, with all the ingredients of a classic soap opera. This time, however, it is reality that literally surpasses (and feeds) fiction.

The American television channel Lifetime has finished the third film about the royal couple (actually, exreal). It will be called Harry and Meghan: Escaping the Palace and will be released on September 6 in the United States, coinciding with the holiday of Labor Day, Labor Day there. Meghan is played by actress Sydney Morton and Harry is played by actor Jordan Dean. The first trailer for the film has just been released on the YouTube channel of Lifetime.

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the movie addresses the latest events experienced by the couple, who moved to California in 2020. The tension between Meghan and Harry and the royal family will not only be reflected, but is one of the biggest attractions that the film plays with. While it is fiction and not a documentary, being inspired by real events many viewers look forward to it and will take it to feed their theses, whether about the British royal family or about Meghan and Harry.

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the Megxit it has caused rivers of ink to flow, now in the form of a television script. The trailer for Harry and Meghan: Escaping the Palace it begins with a scene in which a palace aide advises Prince William (Jordan Whalen) and Kate Middleton (Laura Mitchell) to “find out who the real royals are.” Meghan (Sydney Morton) is then seen saying they have to protect her family, and Prince Harry (Jordan Dean) the following: “They won’t harass me into playing a game that killed my mother.” Harry’s words are heard while images of the car accident in Paris in which he died can be seen Lady Di in August 1997.

The film, which is the latest in a trilogy, will also address the ultra-media moment of the interview given by Harry and Meghan to Oprah Winfrey, which in reality has just been nominated for an Emmy.

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