the final in Madrid and Boca’s need to win a cup again

If there is an authorized word to speak of the world Mouth, without a doubt it is Martin Palermo, top scorer in the history of Xeneize, one of the most winners and also one of the top idols. Although this time he had to analyze it from the opposite sidewalk, as coach of Aldosivi, the Titan He did not avoid questions about the present of Boca and referred to the final in Madrid.

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After defeat Shark 3-0 before the team of his former partner, Sebastian Battaglia, Palermo was consulted about the news of Xeneize and it was precise: “The present of River conditions all the moment of Boca. It’s reality. As in its time, in the Bianchi era, We won everything and River, he could do whatever he wanted to achieve things, but he couldn’t. It was our moment. “

“Today that is happening. You have to assume it, accept it. River is in a great moment, already for several years, in the Gallardo process. You have to be realistic, it’s what you see: River is what it is. Perhaps it had tickets that have fallen, that its performance has not been good, but it is sustained there in the competitive. AND Boca also wants, perhaps to be at that level of competition, but that step today is marked by River. It is minimal, but River is above “he continued.

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Also, along the same lines, he added: “Obviously Boca is in that search for competition. He showed it in the Copa Libertadores and in the championship as well. But Boca has had ups and downs in the championship and the Cup and that does not allow it to find regularity of performance. That was what he did, in the course of that time, to change coaches. River has not changed coach for many years and that is a guarantee. ”

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Also in Team F, Palermo was asked whether the fall in the final of the Cup in Madrid against River continues to condition Boca, Martín did not hesitate and said: “Obviously it was a hard blow that the players who had to be at that moment felt. Guille, as a friend, I know what he felt and what he lived, and the Boca fans. Did it hurt”.

And followed: “It’s like the rebirth of Boca in importance, is to get an international title again. And it is what you are looking for. Surely it will be in the next, hopefully. Because it is what is needed to vindicate, and for Boca to be Boca again. The need to get an international cup again is what will make you forget a bit what happened in that final with River “.

To close, the Titan also spoke of Julian Alvarez and he did not hesitate to highlight him as the best Argentine soccer player today: “Yes, I think so. He is going through a very important moment and he is giving River and the team a lot of use. Obviously it complements the rest, but having a player of that level and those characteristics makes a very big difference in our football. ”


The defeat: “We tried to equalize from the effort, but it was difficult. Boca’s hierarchy took advantage.”

Play against Boca: “I felt something special when facing Boca, with people. In the previous week, with everything that it generates. I met Seba, Chicho Serna, Negro Ibarra, Patron Bermúdez, Chelo, Cascini. Boca, like Estudiantes. Today I am in Aldosivi because they gave me this opportunity and I wanted to return to Argentine football. “

The resemblance to Vázquez: “I see Luis very similar to me. The search for positioning when he is going to head, the far post. Everything that is aerial game, with the ends or combing it.”

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