The final season begins today on Sky and is streaming on NOW and Paramount+.

Recording from August 12 every Saturday with a new episode.

The showdown has begun. Seventh and final season BillionsAmerican series with Paul Giamatti AND Damian Lewis like two powerful New York City figures at war with each other. And note, we have not forgotten about the release of the second of the two. In the final episodes, Lewis’s Axelrod returns to center stage and is very present on stage in this famous tale of power, money and loyalty, set in the Olympus of high finance.

Billions: Season 7 and… then?

Final chapter Billions sees the return of billionaire Bobby Axelrod, determined to face federal prosecutor Chuck Rhoades (Giamatti), his tireless adversary (and sometimes ally), one last time. But when the stakes get high enough to reach Wall Street, their game of skill threatens to topple empires. It will be a triumph for some and a collapse for others, and all certainties will begin to crumble under the weight of rising tensions. Alliances will be shattered, old wounds will become weapons with which to destabilize the fragile balance achieved so far, the loyalty of each of the main characters will be tested, and betrayal will always be around the corner to destroy all security.

But is this really the end? In fact, the story could have expanded beyond (or elsewhere) these final 12 episodes. As is known from previous news, the American networks Showtime and Paramount+ are considering the possibility of expanding the film universe. Billions with at least a couple of side effects. Nothing official yet, but we already know that projects with the appropriate name Millions AND Trillions, will respectively revolve around new figures in Manhattan finance and a group of infamously wealthy characters. That’s not all. With two other projects in development, we are considering moving the action to Miami and London.

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