the fire destroyed 100 wooden houses in Iquique

A shocking fire has been rampant for almost five hours in the city of Iquique, in Chile, where at least 100 homes were burned and there are already about 400 victims of the incident, the majority evacuated. No deaths were reported, although 15 were injured by burns.

The fire broke out in the Laguna Verde camp after noon and due to its rapid spread, it reached dozens of houses built with wood that were in the area located 1,800 kilometers north of Santiago, the Chilean capital.

It is a place with passages so narrow that made it impossible for fire trucks to enter. For this reason, the troops had to enter on foot carrying hoses to try to control the flames.

In this sense, although all the city’s fire brigades are still working there, the fire is still “under control” and several nearby cameras captured the heavy black smoke from the fire advancing.

The same can be perceived from different points of the regional capital, informed inhabitants of the surroundings.

Álvaro Hormazábal, director of the National Emergency Office of the Ministry of the Interior (ONEMI) of Tarapacá, said that due to the incident “there is no water and the nearest tap is about 200 meters away ‘‘.

The large number of people who suffered damage is due to the fact that it is a space where households they are very close one from the other, so that in some meters there may be “five, 10 or 15 families”.

Mayor Mauricio Soria pointed out: “Many people live here who have come to the city of Iquique, in this part, and many foreigners, so we don’t have their documentation either, he said.

He also stated that the Municipality is already preparing shelters for 200 to 300 people because the exact number of victims is unknown.

The Iquique Firefighters Commander, Jorge Medina, affirmed: “The risk of propagation has ceased to exist in the place and we have managed to arrive with adequate water flows,” he said.

In addition, he maintained that six volunteers from the institution were injured by heat stress, while another 15 people had burns and cuts with different elements.

On the other hand, he ruled out that until now there are missing persons.


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