The first album from a major Italian player this season is Ligabue.

The first album of a big Italian name in the 2023/2024 recording season is Ligabue. The rocker from Correggio opens the year this Friday with “Dedicato a noi”, which will be released four and a half years after the previous “Start”. But this Friday, September 22, New Music Friday will not only feature Ligabue. From Kylie Minogue to Aries, past Anastacia and Doja Cat, here are the albums worth listening to this week.

Ligabue – “Dedicated to us”

On Friday, September 22, the single “Dedicato a noi” will be released, preceded by the singles “Riderai” and “Una canzone senza tempo”. This is the Correggio rocker’s fourteenth album of unreleased songs and his twenty-fifth record release in his thirties. -year of career, which came three years after the release of the last album of unreleased songs “7” and the collection “77+7”. “In a time when typical listening is increasingly focused on one song, many are asking the question: “Is there any point in writing and releasing an album?” As far as I understand, the answer is yes,” the voice of “Certe notti” emphasized.

Aries – “Night”

The Roman singer-songwriter’s second album, preceded by the single “Rumore” and published by Bomba Dischi on September 22, comes a few months before the Sanremo festival, where Arianna Del Giaccio, her real name, was presented. himself with the song “Mare di guai”, written by a Kolkata-based labelmate. “La notte,” as we read in the presentation note, is a record of revelations, a secret diary for the singer-songwriter in which she can write love poems, and at the same time an intimate place where she can pour out her thoughts and bring them back . to.

Kylie Minogue – “Tension”

Joyful pop songs in search of pleasure: this is how Kylie Minogue presents her new album “Tension”, the sixteenth in the pop star’s career. The album, which is preceded by the single “Padam Padam” (also a hit on TikTok) and the title track, comes three years after the previous “Disco”. Kylie recorded the eleven songs contained in “Tension” over the past two years, from 2021 to the early months of 2023. The pop star wanted two of her historic producers, Richard “Biff” Stannard and Duck Blackwell, to join the production team. But there are also artists from the new scene, such as Dutch DJ Oliver Heldens, born in 1995, who helped Kylie Minogue build a bridge that stretches from the late 80s to 2023. In practice, a synthesis of the history and career of a pop star, including 90s house, Eurodance, 2000s electropop and disco. It is forbidden to remain in place.

Doja Cat – “Scarlet”

The 27-year-old star of the new American hip-hop and r&b scene, who left Los Angeles to conquer the world, returns to make a name for himself two years after his exploit with “Planet Her”. If in the 2021 album she glorified the female universe and girl power, then in this new work she surprises everyone: Doja Cat described “Scarlet” as a “male continuation” of “Planet her”. Cause? This is because her ambitions as a woman were repeatedly undermined by belittling judgments and criticism from the press. Doja Cat responds in this way, revealing all of her anger and desire for revenge in the fifteen songs included in Scarlet.

Anastacia – “Our Songs”

Fans of Left Outside Alone, one of the most iconic pop voices of the 2000s, have been waiting for this moment for a long time. Anastacia did not release a new album of unreleased songs for six long years: the last one, “Evolution,” was released in 2017. In “Our Songs”, however, the singer does not try her hand at songs written for her, but with covers: the album contains, among other things, Anastasia’s interpretation of such songs as “Born to live ever” by the group Unheiling, “Forever Young” by the group Alphaville and “Still Loving You” by Scorpions. However, a long-awaited return.

GionnyScandal – “Black Mood 2”

“A pensive, melancholy album that ranges from deeper and more serious themes such as love, death, loss and revenge to lighter ones, showing how GionnyScandal has gained greater self-awareness and ease in handling disparate topics”: these words introduce the singer’s new project, which appeared four years after “Black Mood” and represents the second chapter of a precise musical history. And all this without fear of showing your vulnerabilities, as well as voicing your internal problems thanks to songs.

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