The first edition of Coca Cola Pizza Village arrives in Milan

To end summer in style Coca Cola Pizza Village. Exactly, you got it right. An event entirely dedicated to pizza is approaching, one of the most beloved dishes not only in Italy but throughout the world. From from 7 to 10 September at Citylife you will experience something special.

Why, let’s face it, who doesn’t love pizza? I don’t think you can get a negative answer. There may be those who choose it gluten-free or mozzarella-free, but the concept of the dough as a base that you can stuff as you please, with whatever ingredients you like, I think is crazy for everyone, young and old.

Whether it’s just vegetables or just ham, a simple marinara, delicious 4 cheeses, or a classic margarita, pizza is pizza. Convenient, simple, quick, it’s often an unbeatable dinner saver, plus it’s cheap and allows you to go out to eat without spending a fortune.

What is this Coca Cola Pizza Village

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Photo: Miguel MEDINA / AFP

A legitimate question that I believe you are asking yourself. Yes, ok, the pizza is good, but this village what does it predict? So Coca Cola Pizza Village Milanconceived and edited Oramata Grandi Eventy and AADV Entertainment, – a real culinary event in honor of the most eaten food in the world, after rice and even before pasta, think about it. Unbelievable but true, Pizza the most famous Italian word in the world, before HELLO.

They will take part in this event 10 historic pizzerias and many pizza makers one of the most famous in the industry, which will allow you to discover the famous art of pizza making. Just to give some other curiosities, 2017 UNESCO announcedpizzeria art as an intangible heritage of mankind.

In addition to tastings, you will also have the opportunity to experience a variety of interactive experiences over 4 fantastic evenings. Main sponsor Coca Colaalways the perfect pairing with pizza.

Access at the event in full for free. However, in case you need a menu, there is a ticket available to buy here. You need to bring a bunch of friends and a strong stomach. Do not miss!

Where: Citylife – Tre Torri metro (M5 Lille)

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