The first episode of X Factor is the most commented content on social media.

The judges’ table is already lit, but what strikes the audience most is the talent, visible and very distinct on stage, in the voices and instruments of many young people ready to make a statement. New episode started last night X Factor 2023Sky Original show produced by Fremantle (DISCOVER SPECIAL), with the first episode of Auditions debuting a new jury consisting of Fedez, Amber Angiolini, Dargen D’Amico, Morgan and the same confirmed one Francesca Michelin management.

They were the absolute heroes of the evening. many artists who gradually want to be discovered by judges and the public, all with the hopes of winning a spot at the live shows. Among them, the following attracted attention: Matteo Alienoa young singer-songwriter who offered a very moving version of Franco Califano’s “Io Non Piango”; Andrea September from Naples with his version of ME STAJE APPENNENN’ AMO’ of the group LIBERATO. And again an explosive performance from a very young girl. Asia Leva with “I Like It” by Cardi B; exciting of Angelique Beauvais to the notes of “Night” by Arisa; complex of Animax Grozny with their unreleased album “We Are All Animals”; and experimental from Sarah Sorrenti, with his crooning vocals on the unreleased “Sick of Joy.” There is still room for groups with Team4 Sicilian guys performing their unreleased “Sottone Dannato”; Cosmic calmwhich brought “Summer on a Lonely Beach” by Franco Battiato, Stunt pilots with “Kiss” by Prince and Astromare with a piano and drum medley of Jerry Lee Lewis’ “Whole Lotta Shakin’ Goin’ On” and “Great Balls On Fire.”


New season debuts, yesterday on Sky Uno/+1 and on demand, recorded 527 thousand average viewers with a share of 2.2%. On social media, with 176K daily social interactions and 196K total interactions, #XF2023 is the most commented content of the entire television prime time yesterday and the second of the entire day, with the hashtag trending shortly after the episode began and remaining in the top three until Friday morning; the Trends chart also includes, among others, the names Morgan and Fedez (sources: Chatterboxes,


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