The first images of Daisy Dove’s face. Katy Perry and Orlando Bloom went out to the park with their daughter

The singer said in an interview for Variety that in the first six weeks after the birth of her daughter, she didn’t really know what was happening to her. Apparently, Daisy Dove brought the biggest change in her parents’ lives.

“You are responsible for the well-being of someone who can’t even hold their head. It’s a real change and you’re no longer number 1 on the call sheet. And it’s the best thing that can happen. Everything that should disappear, fades and a balance appears. I like to live more in the real world for now. ”

Daisy is Katy Perry’s first child, but Orlando Bloom also has a 10-year-old son named Flynn, his ex-wife Miranda Kerr, who is now married to Snap Inc. co-founder and CEO Evan Spiegel.

What family means to Katy Perry

Katy Perry was also briefly married to Russell Brand, with whom she had a Hindu wedding in 2010 at a tiger sanctuary in Rajasthan. The artist’s marriage lasted only 14 months, and the two separated in 2011. Then, Katy Perry declared that their relationship was like “a tornado”.

I always think about Daisy and what the world will look like when she turns 36 and if I could help her. To make a change to live in a better world.

– Katy Perry

The artist’s life has changed completely since she has the most important role of her life. Katy Perry is currently involved in many charities. Try to draw attention to the problems of global warming. The artist also said that it is very important to involve each person in common issues. The family matters a lot to her right now.


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