The first migrant oxkutzcabense in death by Covid-19


OXKUTZCAB.— After eight days of battle in intensive therapy against the Covid-19. in Oregon, the united States, Maria Alejandra Itza Baptist finally died, being the first oxkutzcabense migrant who dies a victim of the pandemic.

Mary Itzá ceased to exist at 11:45 hours of 1 on Wednesday 1. She is survived by her husband, children and grandchildren, of whom it is not known if any of them has the disease.

The family of the now-defunct woman does not have the resources to pay for the costs associated with the cremation of the body, so that friends and family seek the support of the community through social networks to collect more than 181 thousand pesos, an amount that represents the funeral expenses.

It transpired that the members of the family have lost their jobs and income as a result of the sanitary contingency, and do not have the means to pay for the cost of cremation and burial.

“We especially want to raise money for the care of the remains of Mary, the cost of a grave and a tombstone. Any extra money will go to support the husband of Mary, Justin, to make sure that you can stay in your home after this tragic loss,” said the friends of the family.

It transpired that the former yucatan suffered from different chronic degenerative diseases, which accelerated their demise. This is the second yucatec died due to this disease overseas, first it was professor Isaiah Rodriguez, who died in Peru.— Megamedia

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