the first “screen test” of a TV series at the La Compagnia cinema

Florence, March 10, 2023 – For the first time, al The Company cinema of Florence, a creator of tv series tests his work thanks to a direct comparison with the spectators. One screen tests, a test viewing, to check live the reactions and opinions of the public.

The TV series is called Crystal Bulletsis produced and directed by the Florentine Daniel Favilli and the screen test, which will be held Saturday 18 March, at 18.30, at the La Compagnia cinema in via Cavour, concerns the pilot episode, entitled Ultima Vittima. In the TV series we are in a retro-science fiction context (therefore set in the past, in which elements of modernity and future technology are inserted) with thriller tones. The plot unfolds in an alternative world, in which murder is legalized through a “role-playing game”: the Duel. The killers have become celebrities but no one knows their true identity. Crystal bullets represent the innermost soul of every player.

Produced by Cosmoglobo Entertainment, Gonzo Design, Cosmo-sound and Clam, in association with Nuovo Imaie, Ultima Vittima is a movie-episode in which nothing is as it appears and in which the truth becomes only a point of view: a reflection on the harmful effects of violence when it rises to an institution, in an upside-down world, in which the prevarication and oppression of the other are qualities admirable. ‘Ultima Vittima’ is made by young Florentine talents: Matteo Vanni director of photography, Consuelo Cipriani general organization, Cristiano Gazzarrini supervision, Simone Giorgi sound engineer and music, Giulia Di Renzo costumes, Anna Primi of Anonima Firenze special outfits and masks and Rossella Bresciani Chief Makeup and FX. In the artistic cast, alongside Daniele Favilli, we find Lavinia Zaccarella, Francesco Grifoni, Paolo Giommarelli, Diego Casale, Massimiliano Cutrera, Eleonora Cappelletti and Cristina Paoletti. In the cast also Stefano Termine and the very young Tommaso, Diego and Selvaggia Termine.

There test screening (screen test) is a rather unusual event in Italy but very popular in Hollywood. Daniele Favilli, creative mind of the project, however, is not new to this type of initiative having worked for years in Los Angeles. Since 2008, he has been one of the protagonists of the TV series “Torchwood: Miracle Day”; he then co-produced the film “Swelter” (“Revenge and Redemption” in Italy) in which he stars alongside Jean-Claude Van Damme and Alfred Molina; he also starred in “The Legend Of Red Hand” alongside Zoe Saldana (Avatar, Guardians of the Galaxy) directed by Stefano Sollima.

Last Victim was shot entirely in Florence, Prato and Fiesole. Among the locations chosen for the film, the Centro Pecci in Prato, the Grand Hotel Baglioni in Florence, Colle Bereto in Florence and Villa Waddell in Fiesole: true architectural gems of great scenographic impact and with a sharp personality which together contribute to the creation of a world original welcoming and at the same time dystopian. Citizens are invited to participate in large numbers. The screening will take place behind closed doors. Admission is free with reservations required, subject to availability, by sending an email to [email protected]. At the end of the screening, viewers will be invited to express their opinion by participating in an active Q&A (question and answer session) with the director, the cast and the production: a very useful participatory and interactive moment before the project’s distribution process . Speakers: the director Daniele Favilli, the main actors, the crew, the producers of the series, the sponsors and the city authorities.
Maurice Costanzo

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