“The first time at 14, I tried all drugs except cocaine and I was trigamous”

Patty Pravo it is an immortal icon. At 74, the Venetian singer is by right in the gotha ​​of Italian music, both for her productions and for her unmistakable style. Transgressive, even as a child: «I smoked my first cigarette when I was 10, and I never stopped. They gave me 50 lire for the gondola, I walked to school and spent it on the super national teams; then I switched to red Marlboros », she told Corriere.

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Patty Pravo, husbands and private life

«At 14, instead of going to school, I went to make love. I told my grandparents and they let me go. They were free people and they always made me live free. Grandma went out at night to buy the first copy of the newspaper and she came back at dawn », continues the singer.

On his over the top life he revealed: «I have tried all the drugs, except cocaine which disgusts me. Weed, amphetamines, acids: it wasn’t junk like now, that kills you. It was my rocker period. Then I went to America and stopped».

On her five husbands she said: «I have celebrated five weddings; but true only three. The first with Gordon Fagetter, a drummer. The second on Franco Baldieri, antique dealer in Rome. We met and recognized each other. We spent the night together, and in the morning we went to the Capitol to ask for papers to get married. Cavallina, the paparazzi spy, warned everyone: “There’s Patty Pravo getting married!”. I was without make-up, luckily I had put on fur over my pajamas. But now I’m happily alone.”

But why so many weddings? «They were always the ones who wanted to get married, and it seemed bad to me to say no. But I went to America with Jeffrey: we went to the Chateau Marmont in Los Angeles and stayed there for a year. The problem arose when I met another musician in San Francisco, Jack Johnson. I tore up billion-dollar deals with Jeffrey and left him there. But it turned out that the wedding with Baldieri had not been cancelled. The lawyer reassured me: bigamy was punished; but I would have been trigamous. And trigamy is not contemplated in the penal code”

A son? “I’ve never felt the need to. And I never really thought about it, except with Gordon, my first husband. We were in Japan. We asked ourselves: who is watching it while we play? We figured we could rock it by connecting the cradle to the drum pedal. But while we were saying it, we understood that it was not the case ».

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