The Flash, Andy Muschietti’s DC Movie Review

We have seen glitterDC film dedicated to DC’s famous Scarlet Speedster, directed by DC Andy Muschietti, This is review.

At the center of a somewhat convoluted gesture, the cast has been formed in a film dedicated to the famous DC superhero ezra miller in the double lead role, from Michael Keaton, Sasha Calle, Ben Affleck And Michael Shannon, the script was signed Christina HodsonFormer Bumblebee writer. as mentioned Andy Muschietti Took over the responsibility of directing.

now part of the Justice League under the leadership of Bruce Wayne (ben affleck) and by his trusted butler Alfred (jeremy irons), Barry Allen (ezra miller) lives out his days amidst heroic deeds and hopes to one day find a way to exonerate his father, who years earlier had been found guilty of murdering his mother. But what if the Flash’s power was enough to change the past? So his new “solo” mission will be to figure out how to go back in time, how to change his family’s fate, while avoiding distorting the current present.


glitter was born inWorst Moment in the Entire DC Extended Universe“, with the new CEO keen to reset what has been done in the past, thus frustrated by the constant failures of Warner Bros., chart a new course in line with fans’ expectations, more functional, more performant and perhaps more In the same way, however, “glitter maybe that’s what this franchise needs“Yes, because in the pages of the comics it draws its power from, that”flashpoint” Perhaps this is the only way to ensure that some non-functional plots give way to completely new ones. And it is on this aspect that the film Andy Muschietti Lays the foundation for it to become a potential success.

Changing the past for a better present – and future. on this basis, Andy Muschietti Weaves a multifaceted film potentially capable of solving problems at the DC studio, highlighting a great acting class ezra miller In the big dust and why not, to satisfy the millions of DC fans who are always looking for a product to live up to their expectations. It doesn’t matter if he succeeds or not, yes because what is rewarded in this case is the strength of a director to accomplish a difficult task that he has boasted about throughout his career, which certainly Still very bright. Everything else is a side dish, a roaring side dish.

glitter It is by no means free from faults, especially on an aesthetic level, but it offers viewers a functional anarchy, sometimes thrilling, if we want fun, emotionally involved characters and high-impact action. With narrative dynamism. At the heart of it all, a Miller’s Barry Allen well illustrated, of course thanks to a screenplay (by Christina Hodson) well written, but above all by an actor (ezra miller) repeatedly in the limelight for the wrong reasons, but who turns his talent into a genuine superpower. All of this is then accompanied by a series of cameos – more or less successful – that give the film that nostalgic effect that helps on some occasions, and not a little.

As predicted, aesthetics are probably the Achilles heel glitter, very careful to present an intense narrative show, Andy Muschietti And their technical team seems to have forgotten that a large section of the public loves the visual spectacle. too CG to call mediocre, and the uninspired action sequences, in fact, take this film a clear step backwards compared to the quality standards achieved in recent years. such a pity!

on cast, said about a Ezra Miller OutstandingIt is noted that a Michael Keaton in great dust; The former Batman – Batman here again – provides a great test, reminding everyone that he’s probably One of the best dark knights movies everwe don’t want good ones ben affleck And Robert Pattinson, However, on trial Sasha Calle There would be much more to say, but her use of Supergirl is limited, and at times disappointing; The actress is very talented, and could be a winning horse for betting in the future. to praise or criticize in other actors glitter, Well, doesn’t look like it’s time to spoil too much.

in conclusion

Net of the American reviews, mostly positive, and the opinion of a section of the public that was a bit disappointed with the twist the film took at the end, we believe glitter A well-made film, and above all functional for DC Studios’ desire to “reset” the past. We recommend waiting until the end credits are over to enjoy the classic final sequence… even if the surprises start well before the aforementioned.

The Flash is currently being distributed theatrically by Warner Bros.


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