The Flash, revealed the main villain of the DC film? And it’s not Zod

It may have finally been revealed who will be the main villain of the film with Ezra Miller in the lead.

The Flash, revealed the main villain of the DC film?  And it's not Zod

The main villain of The Flash may have been revealed and contrary to what was believed so far it will not be Zod at all, a character who Michael Shannon returns to play ben 10 years later after The man of Steel.

Recently, Shannon himself had spoken of his return to the role of Zod specifying that the viewer “won’t be spending much time with himwhich obviously means Zod won’t be the main villain of the movie. Well, thanks to merchandise, The Flash’s big bad may have been revealed.

The information comes from a BuzzFeed article who attended the largest toy fair in Latin America where he was able to take a look at the Flash movie action figures. Reporters noted that while they weren’t allowed to take pictures, there is a character called Dark Flash”who steals the souls of superhero sprinters“.

Two collections of different sizes but with the same characters will be launched: two versions of the Flash, Batman and the villain Dark Flash, who steals the souls of superheroes speedster heroes“.

Subsequently, a Funko Pop leak dedicated to the film with Ezra Miller confirmed the presence of Dark Flash.

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Dark Flash’s description and appearance appear to be reminiscent of Eobard Thawne, a.k.a. Reverse Flash, who corrodes the regular Speed ​​Force like cancer and can consume any speedster attached to it. Recall that Thawne is also the main villain of Flashpoints, whose plot is inspired by the film by Andres Muschietti; however, in the film, the Dark Flash is supposed to be one of Ezra Miller’s versions of Barry Allen.

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