The Flash, Will George Clooney Be The New Official Batman? James Gunn’s answer

George Clooney ponders official role as Batman aka Bruce Wayne in the DCU? James Gunn answers.

The Flash, the movie is in the cinema and everyone already loves it: despite being less than ideal recorded at home, the movie can be registered among DC’s successes. Perhaps, things will change with the arrival of new CEOs, Peter Safran and James Gunn, who are known for their ingenuity. A very funny, unexpected gimmick at the end of the movie really surprised fans: in a timeline compromised by Barry Allen’s intervention to save his father from prison, a familiar but surprising face appeared in the role of Bruce Wayne. Is.

Wayne is, in fact, no longer played by either Michael Keaton or Ben Affleck, but by the controversial George Clooney, the least successful Batman in the history of Cinécomics. But what does James Gunn say about it? Is Clooney the New Official Batman?

The Flash, is the new Batman official? James Gunn’s answer

George Clooney - Cinematograph

James Gunn confirmed that Clooney’s appearance was just a nice gimmick that served to mislead the public about the identity of the DCU’s new official Batman. In Batman: The Brave and the Bold, in fact, the actor will not appear on screen in the role of the most beloved Dark Knight. Still no name regarding the star who will be wearing the bat outfit and hat, as nothing has been made official yet.

Gunn’s extremely candid answer to the question clearly speaks to his intentions, which aim for a total recreation of the entire DC universe. On Twitter, James posed the question “Will George Clooney be the new Batman?” Wrote “Absolutely not” in caps lock. Gunn reiterated that a new actor would play the protagonist.

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