The Foolproof Window Cleaner You Can’t Live Without

With this trick, crystals at home are perfect in less than a minuteblinds

if rain Often stains the window pane much to the chagrin of the last person to deal with itclean the windowsThe frequent precipitation with suspended dust or smog in many parts of Spain completely spoils this household task, leaving a depressing panorama for those who would like to have clean and curious windows and shiny crystals, whether At home (these are 10 places where more grime accumulates) or in the car.


If this is your case, don’t despair because with a little effort you can remove all the dirt, easy to clean glassAnd again with windows that would be the envy of the entire community. All of these are natural products that you definitely have in your home or can easily find: Water, Alcohol (for cleaning), and White Vinegar.

Window cleaners: Home tips to keep your windows and windows sparkling.

How to Clean Windows Easily and Quickly

to get them back Glass and windows are clean and glare-free You have to follow few simple steps. Below, we’ll explain what you should do and how to apply some cleaning tips, but not only can you care for your windows at home, but you can do the same for your car’s windows as well: the results of both cases will be excellent..

First, if mud or grime gets on you the crystal, you have to use a dry cloth to remove this dirt so that when you wipe the glass no smudges form and make your job very difficult.if later you pass a damp cloth Wipe the surface again with a dry cloth to prepare it for effective glass cleaning. That’s it, and while you think it’s going to take more time to do it, it actually only takes a few minutes, and goes a long way to get the job done, because otherwise you’d have to rub more.

Make a cheap and easy window after removing dirt, dust or grime from the window Make Your Crystals Sparkle with Homemade Mixtures.You only need three products to get effective window cleaner:

  • 1 cup of water (even better if you live in Valencia and don’t have lime)
  • 1 glass of alcohol (recommended to use cleaning alcohol)
  • 1/2 cup white vinegar

To make your job easier, you can use an empty spray bottle on hand (a bottle of other cleaning products is useful, but you should wash it beforehand to prevent the products from mixing) so that the glass cleaner is evenly distributed throughout the room, window surface . Next, spread the mixture with a microfiber cloth and wipe down the entire surface. This way you prevent the lint from sticking and the crystals will be sure to come out clean without having to check them.

If you want to use newspaper instead of a microfiber cloth, that’s even better as it will remove dirt more easily and wipe the glass without leaving any lint on the surface, which will noticeably improve the end result of your work.If later, already with clean crystalsThen to dry, you’ll want to use another dry cloth (note that it doesn’t have any lint), you can do this, but it’s not necessary because your Crystals will be completely sparkling and trace-free reflections or stains. verify.

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