The footballer who was saved from being crushed: “It was five minutes”

A shocking catastrophe shook Brazil and the impressive images went around the world. It is about the detachment of a cliff in the Furnas River, in the Minas Gerais region, that ended the life of 10 people who were traveling in boats through the place when they were surprised.

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The one who was almost miraculously saved from that situation was Gustavo Braga, which is part of the Sub 20 campus of Athletico Paranaense and he was enjoying free time with his friends and family. Reached take a picture at the scene of the tragedy a few minutes before everything fell apart and it will become the scene of the death of a dozen people.

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It was the footballer himself who told how lucky he was to have left that place on the river, where there is a waterfall that attracted tourists to take photos. The player, and also his fellow travelers, They had come to record the moment on their cell phones without knowing what would happen minutes later, with a smile on his face that would later turn into shock and sadness.

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The footballer enjoyed without knowing what would happen next.

The footballer enjoyed without knowing what would happen next.

Like the people who died, Braga and his friends had arrived at the place by boat, which precisely aims to bring tourists closer to this waterfall, the main attraction in the area. The JThe player revealed on his Instagram account that, although they had left the place, they perceived that something had happened.

The place where the tragedy happened.  EFE

The place where the tragedy happened. EFE

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“When it happened, we were leaving and I could only hear it. It was five minutes.”The soccer player wrote in one of his stories, in which he communicated to his followers and loved ones that he was fine. “Thank you very much for the messages. We are all very well thank God”, added. Then he posted a photo at the scene of the tragedy with the inscription “gratitude to God.”

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It was his mother, one of the people who was with him on the trip, who gave even more details of the moment and how they experienced the sad news, shocked by the temporal proximity they had with this natural catastrophe: “We were minutes before the accident that happened in the canyon.”

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“Then we went to another place where there was no internet signal. Great was the liberation (of God). No words, only gratitude to God”, wrote the woman, who also took the opportunity to thank heaven and, incidentally, communicate to her loved ones that they were fine.

The photos that Braga shared.

The photos that Braga shared.

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UOL Esporte also contacted the father of Gustavo Braga, another of the members of the boat who was miraculously saved. “We did not witness the event, but we were close. In order not to get nervous, the sailor told us that a stone had fallen, but we had no idea what it was”he explained.

The searches ended when the tenth deceased was found.  EFE

The searches ended when the tenth deceased was found. EFE

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The man also said that they did not receive a warning from anyone from the authorities that this could happen. The clarification is due to the fact that The media put the magnifying glass on Civil Defense, which claims to have presented a report in which it warns about the danger of a rock collapse. To

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In the last hours the rescuers found the last person who was missing lifeless. In this way, they confirm that they are 10 the dead and 32 the wounded. Now, they must identify the fatal victims.

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