The foreign quota can complicate the arrival of reinforcements to River

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River has several foreigners in the folder to reinforce the team and with those it already has on the squad it could have problems since you can only have six professionals and only five can sign a payroll.

Paulo Díaz, Nicolás De La Cruz and Jorge Carrascal, three of the four foreigners on the campus.
© Getty.Paulo Díaz, Nicolás De La Cruz and Jorge Carrascal, three of the four foreigners on the campus.

In recent years in Argentine soccer, the number of foreign soccer players who can play in each team has changed and there are currently six players from other countries in each club, although only five of them can sign a form, that is, in a match they cannot have more than five foreigners between holders and substitutes. Today River has four soccer players of other nationalities on the squad, although in the next few days the fifth will arrive and on the other hand there are two others who are in the crosshairs to arrive and in case the Greatest one should come off one and there are two that they can do it.

To give it proper names: River today has in its squad Robert Rojas, Paulo Díaz, Nicolás De La Cruz and Jorge Carrascal as foreigners, It must be remembered that Flabián Londoño Bedoya has already fulfilled the number of consecutive months living in Argentina and being emerged from the Inferiores does not occupy a quota. On the other hand, Juanfer Quintero will arrive in the next few days to occupy the fifth place as a foreigner and the Millionaire has Marcelo Saracchi and Brian Ocampo, both Uruguayans, in the pipeline. If all of them arrive, River will have seven foreigners.

The two foreigners who could emigrate

Jorge Carrascal and Robert Rojas could emigrate, both are in the sights of some clubs although the reality is that the midfielder has more chances of leavingIn addition to Nacional, they follow him from other markets and an offer for him could arrive at any time. For its part, the Paraguayan central marker is interested in Lazio and Roma, but hardly anyone makes an offer that River accepts. On the other hand, it must be taken into account that Nicolás De La Cruz is in the final stage of the process of obtaining Argentine nationality and when he obtains it, he will no longer occupy a foreign quota.

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