The former president of the Italian ORG is the focus of Cyborg’s human anti-cheat.

A very bad page in the history of the Italian scene has taken place in the last few hours. war zone… The famous “human anti-cheat” Cyborgs actually caught the important manager of the italian export scene with “hands in the bag” when he was busy with some game sessions on war zone equipped with cheats.

We are talking about Strangecurrent former president Hydrax eSportsASD associated with Italian Federation of Electronic Disciplines worked on various projects for many years (such as war zone or FIFA) with the composition of professional players.

For Hydrax eSports the summer of 2023 has certainly been a very difficult one… Less than 10 days ago, it was actually announced that “also” due to severe mourning, The Strange President he would have resigned from his position in the Association.

Less than a week after the publication of this statement, the same Strange was under attack Cyborgsa content creator now known the world over for his incredible talent at spotting shooter scammers. Activision. The accusation in this case is the use Breaking the wallillegal software, thanks to which you can find out the exact position of enemies.

Hydrax Esports immediately distanced itself from the behavior Strangewhich, by the way, they were completely unaware of. Once TheStrange was asked for an explanation, the ASD board rightly created a conflict with their former president and began the process of appointing a new person to lead Hydrax.

Cyborg video about this case

Back to the fraud allegations.”Unfortunately“, Cyborgs he was right… Actually it was the same Strange to confirm the allegations, with the current former president Hydrax who apologized to everyone… And he really wanted to make clear how the team was completely unaware of his (albeit very brief) interlude in the world of cheating.

As we said above, a very sad page for our scene, from many points of view. On the one hand, we can only accept condolences Hydrax eSports for the mourning that befell its former president; on the other hand, we can only once again congratulate the Cyborg, very attentive”guardian” AND “first defenderlegal players war zoneas well as management Hydraxfor the “granite” answer given in favor of the correct game, in an absolutely exceptional situation.

We will contact all parties involved in the case and will be happy to provide opinions and perspectives here on Powned.

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