The former Tabárez assistant who banned Marcelo Gallardo to lead the Uruguay National Team

Gregorio Pérez, current coach of the University of Peru, said that the Master’s dismissal was “hasty” and he threw flowers at River’s coach.


The Uruguay national team is in search of a technician with four dates remaining for the Conmebol Qualifiers to end towards the Qatar 2022 World Cup. removal of Óscar Washington Tabárez, one of the first names that the AUF contacted to replace him was that of nothing more and nothing less than Marcelo gallardo. Faced with this possibility, Gregorio perez -Friend and former assistant of the Master- spoke in favor of the Doll.

No one can dispute the conditions of Marcelo Gallardo, who even knows Uruguayan soccer, because he ended his career as a player and started it as a coach here and being a champion. The media knows him, he is a soccer man. He is a technician who still has no roof, beyond all that he demonstrated and that logically needs time, because no one is a magician. Here whoever arrives has to prepare to play these four games with very little time. That is a detail. It is the first name that this executive council of the Uruguayan Association has is that of Gallardo. Hopefully it’s Gallardo, if it happens, no one is going to complain about Gallardo. The Uruguayan fan has respect for him, at no time will you question the possibility that Gallardo will arrive, because he has more than demonstrated his conditions“, said the DT of University of Peru in dialogue with Super Deportivo Radio by 97.9.

Pérez was called by Tabárez in 1988 to be part of his coaching staff in the Uruguayan team. Together, they were runners-up in the 1989 Copa América and qualified for the 1990 World Cup, where they were eliminated in the quarterfinals against Italy.

Gregorio perez

Regarding the dismissal of the 74-year-old DT, he expressed: With the Master we were in the mouth of the football of the world. Unfortunately now in qualifying the discontent has deepened because the results were not given. They understood that a change had to be made, which really surprised, because there are four dates left and Uruguay is one point away from qualifying for the World Cup. It hurts me that a cycle like this ends. I was convinced that he could finish it very well with all his coaching staff. Unfortunately there are hasty decisions and this decision was hasty. One of the many in football. Hopefully whoever makes it to the National Team can follow everything he left behind “.

The intimacy of the contact between Uruguay and Marcelo Gallardo

Despite knowing the difficulty, contacts began, first by asking former leaders of Nacional for the telephone number of the Doll’s representative. Ignacio Alonso and Juan Berros, DT representative, finally spoke on Sunday.

The manager acknowledged the contact and explained that they agreed to talk in the next few days.. Why? According to reports from Uruguayan leaders, Gallardo is completely focused on River’s present and the fight for the championship. That is why you do not plan to negotiate or listen to proposals about your future until you meet the objective.


The celestial directive will have a meeting this Wednesday where the different scenarios will be exposed. The first, which is what the leaders expect, would be for the Argentine coach to accept, offer him a five-year contract (until the 2026 World Cup), although the budget managed by the AUF would be much lower than what the Doll in Núñez charges. They hope to seduce you with sporting goals, Celeste has a chance of qualifying and being in a World Cup seduces any soccer lover. So, if the Millionaire is consecrated on Thursday, there could be a new contact on Friday in which they will try to convince Marcelo.

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