The friends, confirmed the meeting, to the shooting at the end of August


According to what is reported in the The magazine’s cover and other publications of the sector, a couple of months and you should start with the filming of the special is dedicated to the famous tv series

Great news for all the fans of one of the most popular series, the popular and iconic on the small screen and your FRIENDS!!! The The magazine’s cover he sat down with the co-creator of Marta Kauffman, it has revealed some information about the highly-anticipated special.

Friends: when it comes to the filming of the reunion

The emergency is related to the COVID-19 (SPECIALUPDATESTHE MAP) was stopped in the cinema and on television all over the world, forcing the actors and the crew to lock the joint in between the production of leaves to the pandemic event that you would like to bring together all the actors of the main cast of “Friends” – Jennifer Aniston Lisa Kudrow (PHOTOS), Courteney Cox (PHOTOS), Matt LeBlanc, David Schwimmer and Matthew Perry.

There are only a few days ago The “Wrap-Around” he talked about the beginning of the filming of the special episode, that would be the way to win the market in may, in conjunction with the launch of the d HBO’S MAX. These are the words of Marta Kauffman: “we Hope to be back on set in August, if all goes well, there will be a second wave, and the bible will be opened to you.”

Later on, Marta Kauffman, he added, “to make sure everything is in its place and figure out all the protocols, you can still do an amazing show, at some point we’re going to record around the end of August.”

Friends: when it comes to the success of

Friends it is one of the most popular television shows of the small screen. Of the six actors that have influenced the costumes, and the company is doing in order to entertain, stimulate and reflect, and the public from all over the world, and enough of it, in fact, I think it’s the last episode of the tenth and final season, the episode was watched on television in the first decade of the third millennium.

In the course of the years, there have been a number of prestigious awards, including the winning of the Jennifer Aniston (PHOTOSin the category of Best actress in a series, comedy or musical the sixth edition of the The Golden Globes.