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The antics and sympathy of Mateo Messi have made him a favorite of fans who closely follow the lives of Lionel Messi and Antonela Roccuzzo. The second son of the Rosario couple has a mischievous personality that aroused the affection of people especially on social networks, where the charisma of the six-year-old generates thousands of interactions. Each appearance is all the rage and during the last hours it went viral again in the company of his younger brother Ciro: they played penalties at his home in Paris and his mother shared the moment.

The protagonist was watching television until he realized he was being filmed. He then took a career and made a first feint. Seconds later, he charged back to the ball and ran his foot over it without touching it so that the improvised goalkeeper ran to one side. On the third attempt, he kicked the ball and beat the resistance of his younger brother to come out with open arms celebrating a goal with his father’s 30, Lionel, on his back.

Born in 2015, he turned six in September and continues to practice his quality with his feet. At the time, La Pulga joked that “he was creating a monster” in reference to Mateo and stated that they had to “cut a little” his usual appearances on social networks. After several months of tranquility, the brother of the middle of Leo’s heirs went viral again in the last hours both for his talent with the ball at an early age, and for his mischief on the birthday of Thiago, the eldest, whom He tried to beat him by the hand when blowing out the candles on the cake.

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