The future of Salvio and Pavón, according to the Boca Council

Automatically on December 31 of last year, it barely passed midnight in the world Mouth Something decisive happened, or rather, that could become transcendental for the club: Eduardo Salvio and Cristian Pavón were able to negotiate with other teams, even to be able to reach an arrangement in going free in July without leaving a single peso to Xeneize. But nevertheless, Jorge Bermúdez explained what is the plan that the Soccer Council has for the two forwards.

Regarding Toto’s case, the Boss went to the bone. “The idea is to contact us, it is very important for us, we are happy with him. He is a World Cup player, he gives a lot to our squad and we want him to continue with us at Boca for many more years”, He said. And he added: “It will be day by day, we believe that we can move forward.”

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While about Kichán, he said that “we have the best relationship, I hope Pavón will be with us for many years”, that “We hope that there will be a rapprochement soon so that it continues” and that “we always maintained the assurance that we behaved as we should.”

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The facts with both footballers

What happened was that during the past year neither two footballers received a renewal proposal from the Council, despite the fact that after 2021 both will be able to negotiate as free. In fact, from what Olé could find out, so far the club has not yet contacted any of the players’ representatives.

Patron Bermúdez asked for Salvio and Pavón, acknowledged that they are going to contact their agents and wished that "stay many more years in Boca".

Patron Bermúdez asked for Salvio and Pavón, acknowledged that they are going to contact their agents and wished that “they would stay in Boca for many more years.”

Although both cases are different, at some point they come together: the common denominator is money. Incidentally, Fernando Hidalgo, Pavón’s agent, publicly said that the 7 bravo’s salary was devalued. “His contract was devalued, he does not earn 25% of what was signed. You have to evaluate everything. Pavón has long been playing with a devalued contract that was signed before he left for LA Galaxy. And there was never any attempt to compensate for that. “He said and even spoke that “the outputs if they are consensual are much better.”

And on Toto’s side, more or less the same thing happens, since although he is one (or at least he was) of the highest contracts, the price of the dollar was behind, according to what they say from their environment.

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With this, the two hope to reach an agreement, although first he has to call them Riquelme. From what Bermúdez said, it will be so.

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