The game “death / stranding” for PC-Skate 2. June

178 – After the release of the PS4 console, Kojima Productions finally ensure that the presence of a new game, Death / Stranding in Platform PC.

Game from Hideo Kojima is released to be scheduled by distribution platform Steam and Epic Games Store at 2. June. It is provided by the announcement of the Upload party 505 Games on Twitter.

505 Games is itself a game developer works with Kojima Productions (ported) Death / Stranding so it can be played on the PC.

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Although the title is the same, there is a significant difference between death / stranding of the PS4 version and the PC. One of them is the presence of to catch of features “photo mode”, which can be used players, what are the unique moments that happen in games.

In addition to the PC-version is also able to run Death / Stranding in the fashion high-frame-ratethe following display support the game on the monitor field of view width (ultra-wide).

There are also a variety of specific forms of content as a result of the collaboration of death / stranding with the legendary game from Valve, Half-Lifelike a cap alien”, which can be used shaped, “by the main character.

Although only released a few months back to do the lovers of this game right pre-order on Steam via the following link and in the Epic Games Store at the link below.

The tag price is not much different with the PS4, namely, 58.99, US Dollar (Usd 838.191) on the Epic Games Store and 59.99 US-Dollar (Usd 852.400) on the Steam platform.

For More Information Death / Stranding the game is the genre Action with a third-person perspective (third-person), similar to the game Metal Gear manufactured by Kojima, Metal Gear Solid 5: The Pantom Pain.

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In it, the user will play a porter a mission to the delivery to the remote location.

Users will be treated to a world the open world spacious enough, with high-quality graphics, which is probably in the eyes. The player will also encounter enemies from the “other world”, is a challenge in the search.