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The gamer launched Battlefield 4 on a small screen. The developer appreciated and offered a challenge

For its implementation, they promise to give Battlefield 2042. Reagan Levy posted a video on his TikTok account, where he showed how he plays Battlefield 4 on a one-inch display, which he connected to a PC.

The video quickly spread online and was published by one of the Battlefield fan accounts. There, the video was seen by Niklas Astrand, a senior game designer at DICE, who appreciated Levy’s idea and offered everyone an extremely difficult challenge. It consists of opening on such a screen the “Test” Easter egg from Battlefield 5, which is considered one of the most difficult and it will take more than one hour to complete it.

As a reward, Astrud promised the first one to complete the challenge a digital copy of Battlefield 2042. Astrud clarified that the challenge should be performed exclusively on the small screen and without any cheating. So if there are those who want to get Battlefield 2042 for free, then here is your chance.

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