The Gift: Netflix releases teaser and season 2 premiere date

Image: Netflix

The supernatural drama The Secret Temple ( The Gift, in English) already has a date to return to Netflix: September 10. The announcement of the second season premiere of the Turkish series was accompanied by a teaser, which does not reveal much about the new episodes.

The images show grains of sand that form the mysterious symbol found by archaeologist Erhan (Mehmet Günsür) in season 1.

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The production is the second original series of the streaming service made in Turkey and brings to the screen the novel Dünyanin Uyanisi, by the writer Sengül Boybas.

The story revolves around Atiye (Beren Saat), an artist in search of an enigmatic symbol that may be linked to her destiny. In season 2, Atiye must race against time to prevent the union behind Serdar (Tim Seyfi) from threatening the future.

Netflix’s first Turkish series, The Protector, came to an end in July, after 4 seasons. Another production, If Only, was canceled even before recording began due to a disagreement between the streaming service and the producers, who refused to include a gay character in the plot.