The gift of Christian Dolores Aveiro the Mother’s Day: a car of 100,000 euros


Cristiano Ronaldo and his brothers wanted to surprise their mom with various gifts for Mother’s Day, although between all of them feature a spectacular car Dolores Aveiro has been to show, through your profile on Instagram. “Thanks to my children for the gifts that I received today. Happy day to all mothers“I wrote to accompany a photograph in which she appears holding a huge bouquet of flowers next to your new vehicle adorned with a red bow.

The price of this jewel, the model GLC Coupe Mercedes, with the different customizations and extras is about 100,000 euros. And it is not an ordinary day for the family Aveiro, but that is the first Mother’s Day that celebrate after the stroke he suffered last march 3. After a few days of fear and uncertainty, Pain was able to recover and leave the hospital without consequences apparent: “All of this has remained in a fright. I am aware of what has happened to me and I know that I am lucky,” he said shortly after.

In the photograph you have posted appears in addition to the other car, who gave her a Christian, on this occasion by his 62 birthday on the 31 of December of 2015. You can see the background of the picture, a majestic Porsche Boxster white which lowest price exceeds 60,000 euros. It is clear that the Portuguese footballer will not scrimp on expenses when it comes to make happy to yours, because you gave a home to his mother and a private island to his agent, Jorge Mendes, for his wedding.

Christian and Georgina, hiking Madeira

The player and the model decided to know some places of the Portuguese island next to a small Christian Jr thanks to the containment measures have begun to be more flexible in the different countries of the European Union. Under a blazing sun, the three have enjoyed the outdoors and nature framed in a dreamy landscape that both have been in charge of the show on Instagram. Specifically, they traveled to Punta San Lorenzo, in the northeast of the island and 40 kilometres from Funchal, a place with volcanic formations and steep cliffs carved by the force of the ocean.

Discovering my island with the best company“he wrote a Christian with his son. For her part, Georgina published up to six photographs and a video to demonstrate the good day that he had enjoyed: “Punta San Lorenzo” is limited to writing.