the “gigolo” team and their rematch in Primera

“Borombombom, borombombom, it’s the team, the gigolo …”. The song of the Tigre players, after each of the last matches of this tournament, was repeated on Sunday after having achieved promotion to First by beating Barracas Central 1-0 in the final. The dedication was and is for Diego Martinez, the DT of the team to whom they point out a physical resemblance to a celebrity character with fraud causes. In reality, beyond the nickname, it is still a recognition for a coach who made a career in the Promotion and who now he will have a rematch in the First Division after a misstep at Godoy Cruz.

Look at their excitement after the Promotion:

“I feel like the football was fair. This group of men pledged for promotion and did. Argentine soccer is one of the most competitive in the world. The tournament was very tough “, assured Martínez, whose continuity at the head of the Victoria club raised doubts after a draw against Atlanta that had left Tigre seven points behind leader Almirante Brown with 12 left to play. However, the Matador won everything he played, took advantage of the fall of the pointers in the final meters and thus reached this final where he deservedly won the victory.

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Martínez’s career as DT started in the Boca Infantiles, after having been part of the Barcelona project in the country. But from one day to the next he decided to get out of the comfort zone that working at Xeneize represented, put together a coaching staff and He began directing Ituzaingó, in the First D. That was in 2016.

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Then it went through Cañuelas, Comunicaciones and Midland until he arrived at Estudiantes de Caseros where he made a great campaign and reached the semifinal of the Argentine Cup. Some First Clubs noticed that DT with a showy and offensive style of play. And finally the one who played it was Godoy Cruz, who hired him in May 2020. The experience was not good. He resigned after having directed only nine games, unable to achieve a win (two draws and seven defeats).

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Except for a surprise, Martínez will have a rematch in the First Division with that Tigre that he directed and that took him, after two seasons, again to the highest category of Argentine football. “We had a one-year contract. We would love to be able to stay. There will be time to sit down and see what is best for the club. If the best thing is that we can continue, welcome. I saw Melaraña very happy and he knows that we are, above all things, hard working people, coherent, “Martinez said about his future.

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Look at Tigre’s goal:

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