the gloss is in a video sensual !


Rihanna is not cold in the eyes. The business woman comes to the post a video in a bikini, where it applies, the generous from the gloss !

Rihanna comes, illuminate the canvas ! Because the singer comes from the post a video of her in a bikini on his account Instagram. Images have very liked the Internet users… MCE TV tells you more !

Rihanna knows how to please, his Church… And she proves it ! The star is in fact allowed, a video, very sensual ! In the pictures Riri in a swimsuit, and apply generously gloss ! And then the icing on the cake, is magnifying the video in time ! What is better ?

The publication has, in fact, a true “buzz” on Instagram ! In fact, the place has more than 6 million views… And almost as many likes ! We leave you the video below ! Fall, isn’t it ?

Rihanna has been a pub on this video

The temperature is raised a notch on Instragam. The reason for this environmental heat ? The last video that Rihanna posted Instagram. In fact, his last publication, one can see how the young woman, dressed in a bikini, a gloss of its own brand, in the municipality of Beauty. A product placement for its own account, as the young woman shows, scene, wonderful… Tick to legend, by the way, this video : “Gloss” Of The Bomb. Always available ! ”

In 2017, Rihanna, has its own cosmetic brand… because it’s a real carton ! In fact, at Sephora, the entire world the products of the beautiful singer tears. A great success for Riri, the municipality of Beauty has to be real small baby (and neglect her career as a singer in the exchange). So, for the promotion of their gloss flagship, the business woman decided to his person ! Rihanna was then allowed to put up a video on his account Instagram! A video that the users were thrilled… And so are we !