The Goldfinch: Plot, Cast and Movie Ending Tonight on Iris at 21.10 on air “Iris” Goldfinch. Directed by John Crowley based on the novel of the same name by Donna Tartt. winner of the Pulitzer Prize in 2013, which quickly became a bestseller with over 3 million copies sold. In the cast, in addition to the main character Ansel Elgort, they are reading Nicole Kidman, Jeffrey Wright Sarah Paulson and Luke Wilson.

Nicole Kidman, portrait of the Oscar-nominated actress

Nicole Kidman, portrait of the Oscar-nominated actress

Goldfinchplot of the film

*** Attention to history Goldfinch it’s long and full of twists and turns, and reading the plot may turn up some surprises!

Theodore Decker (Ansel Elgort) is thirteen years old and lives in New York. His life is taking a serious shake when he participates in a terrorist attack with his motherkilled in an explosion at the Metropolitan Museum of Art.

From now on there will be consumed by guilt: that day they were called by the principal of the school because Theo was caught smoking. The museum was supposed to be just a stopover because they were early.

Because my father had it abandoned, without other relatives that they can take care of him, Theo is forced moving into the house of his friend Andy Barbour (Ryan Faust). The day before the move, he hides the painting he stole after the explosion at the museum, what his mother admired before her death. AND Goldfinchone of the few works by the artist Karel Fabritius remaining in circulation..

Arriving at the Barbour household, he forms a good relationship with Samantha. (Nicole Kidman), Andy’s mother, who encourages him to develop an interest in antiques and art.. Over time, Samantha notices that Theo always wears an engraved ring and goes to the antique shop where it was bought.

Here meets James Hobart, known as Hobie (Jeffrey Wright), a colleague of Welty Blackwell (Robert Joy), who died in the attack.. Welty gave Theo a ring before he died and he had to return it. TO however, there was also Pippa (Ashley Cummings), Welty’s niece, who was seriously injured. and who now lives with Hobie. When Theo visits her, they become friends. In the meantime, he also develops a good relationship with Hobie, who will become his point of reference.

Nicole Kidman and Ansel Elgort in a scene from the film.

Return of Larry, Theo’s father

Some time later, the Barbours consider Theo their son and, at Andy’s request, consider adopting him. The turning point is not far off. His father Larry (Luke Wilson), a former alcoholic, returns to the boy’s life and decides to take Theo and his fiancee Sandra (Sarah Paulson) to Las Vegas. Theo cannot help himself and is forced to follow his father, also secretly taking with him Goldfinch.

Once you arrive in Sin City, befriends Boris Pawlikowski (Finn Wolfhard, Aneurin Barnard), an immigrant boy from Ukraine.. They have a common difficult past: even Boris lost his mother and has no relationship with his father. They force each other and soon Boris drags Theo into a spiral of alcohol and drugs.

Meanwhile, Larry is a gambler and tries to embezzle a fund registered to Theo to pay off his debts. Otherwise, he gets drunk and dies in a car accident. Theo does not suffer from the death of his father, but is afraid that Sandra will give him up for education. Then he decides to run awayasking Boris to come with him. However, his friend tells him that he will join him later.

alone again returns to New York and moves in with Hobie.

The Goldfinch, Nicole Kidman and Ansel Elgort.

Theo grew up

Eight years pass. Theo works in antiques, mostly repairing and selling items with Hobie. One day, he meets Andy Platt’s brother Barbour (Luke Kleintank), who reveals that his father had bipolar disorder and that he and Andy died in a boating accident. Hearing the news, Theo goes to visit Samantha, who is now ill, and also finds the Barbours’ little house, Kitsy (Willa Fitzgerald).now grown up.

Theo’s life becomes even more difficult. An art dealer thinks he has a painting by Fabricius and has pledged it to criminals in Miami for money. After the initial fear, he calms down because he is sure that the painting is kept in the locker.

While in, gets engaged to Kitsy despite being in love with Pippawho moved to London. And even when he catches Kitsy cheating, he doesn’t leave her out of gratitude and affection for Samantha Barbour. Moreover, she leaves him complete freedom, including the freedom to take drugs.

Goldfinchmovie ending (spoilers)

The past comes back to life when Theo walks in looking for a place to buy drugs. in a bar and sees Boris againwho hurries to apologize for having stolen the precious painting from him. Theo flushes and remembers showing him Goldfinch while under the influence of drugs. And he understands that it was Boris who used him to get money from the underworld. However, Boris admits that some bandits stole the painting from him. the pain is so great that Theo runs away.

They meet later at Theo’s engagement to Kitsy. Boris informs him that he has developed a plan to return the painting…

Two they travel to Amsterdam, where Theo poses as a wealthy businessman with an interest in the painting. However, things do not go as they had hoped. Boris is wounded in a shootout, Theo kills the attacker, but loses the painting.

He returned to the hotel and, in desperation, attempted suicide. Boris must save him, who tells him the good news: he provided the police with useful information that allows him to return the work, which will finally return to the museum. So the two friends have reconciled once and for all, and Theo is relieved that the Goldfinch is back.

Transposition of the novel

Fairly faithful to Donna Tarrt’s 896-page tome, a captivating novel about a broken life, the film lacks the depth and melancholy that a writer’s pen can instill in Theo’s life. Wanting to follow the detailed sequence of all events, the director makes few choices, and the result is a bit flat.

A must see if you’ve read the book to relive the atmosphere and great actors.


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