The government of Nicolás Maduro expelled the electoral observers of the European Union from Venezuela

They received an order to leave the country after pointing out irregularities in the November 21 elections.


The election observers from the European Union who had arrived in Venezuela to monitor the regional elections of last November 21 received an order from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the National Electoral Council to leave the country, as reported by the Bloomberg agency.

The intimation by the government of Nicolás Maduro for analysts to leave Venezuela comes 10 days before the date they were originally scheduled to leave, scheduled for December 13.

As revealed by a source with knowledge of the situation to Bloomberg, the members of the observer group will have to leave Venezuela this weekend, then they will be denied the extension of their visas to remain in the country.

The members of the delegation did not receive any explanation as to why they had been asked to leave the country..

The EU mission, the first to visit the country in 15 years, produced tensions in the Venezuelan ruling party practically from minute zero. A few days after they arrived in Venezuela, Diosdado Cabello, one of the government’s strong men, urged distrust of the observers.

“I want to publicly denounce a people who came from the European Union, supposedly as observers, to Venezuela. Be careful with those people. These people did not come to make observations of any kind. They still believe themselves to be an empire and they believe that we are a colony, ”said Cabello.

The situation did not improve after the elections. After observers published a report pointing out deficiencies and irregularities, Maduro accused them of being “spies.”

“The electoral process showed the persistence of structural deficiencies, although electoral conditions improved compared to the three previous national elections”, indicated the preliminary report, delivered last Tuesday by the EU to the National Electoral Council (CNE) and to the Chancellery before making it public.

Regarding the elections, the president assured that they were “transparent, reliable, fair, safe and free” elections in which “Chavismo swept the popular vote”, which in his opinion shows “the power of the Bolivarian revolutionary movement” and of the ruling United Socialist Party of Venezuela (PSUV).

The EU had sent 130 people to supervise the vote. Although most of the observers have already left Venezuela, those who remained within the country were conducting interviews and following challenges to the electoral process of candidates and parties, in an effort to gather information for a final report that they plan to publish to early February.

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