The Government will now donate vaccines against COVID-19 to two countries in Africa

The Argentine Government will donate more than 700 thousand doses of the AstraZeneca vaccine (REUTERS)
The Argentine Government will donate more than 700 thousand doses of the AstraZeneca vaccine (REUTERS)

The National Government will once again donate vaccines against COVID-19. On this occasion, there will be more than 700 thousand doses of AstraZeneca that will be distributed between Angola, Kenya and Barbados.

The African continent suffers from its difficulty in accessing inoculants against the coronavirus. It is precisely there, where the vaccination rate is low, that the new Omicron variant was identified for the first time, which has the World Health Organization (WHO) and the international community on alert to the risk of spreading this disease, which is more transmissible and potentially more serious.

In this framework, this Monday the Argentine Government authorized the shipment of vaccines against COVID-19 to African countries. Through the Decree 817/2021 it became official “The free donation in favor of the Republic of Angola, of the amount of 350,000 doses of the vaccine ChAdOx1 nCov-19, known as AZD1222, from the firm ASTRAZENECA UK LIMITED”.

Through the Decree 818/2021 the donation of 400 thousand doses of AstraZeneca to the Republic of Kenya. The National Executive Power made this decision at the same time that this Monday it determined that those people who arrive in Argentina from Africa must comply with a 14-day quarantine. The focus of the measure is to avoid or postpone the entry into the country of the new variant.

In a third Decree, 819/2021, also published today in the Official bulletin, the shipment of 30 thousand doses from the British laboratory to Barbados.

The Government argued the donations, emphasizing that “as of November 16, 2021, 78.5% of the population has at least one dose of the COVID-19 vaccine and 60% with the complete vaccination schedule” and that the country “It has sufficient stock to make the donation” of 780 thousand doses of vaccines “without affecting the objectives outlined in the” Strategic Plan for Vaccination “.

On the other hand, it was recalled that the United States, Canada, Mexico and Spain donated 7,063,400 vaccines to Argentina, “at a time when access to them was more difficult than at present.” that the joint efforts between nations are substantial to limit the economic and health effects caused by the SARSCoV-2 pandemic, ″ was mentioned in the decrees published this Monday.

“That, in this understanding, guided by the principles of solidarity and fraternity, our country deems it convenient to promote equitable and timely access to vaccines designed to generate acquired immunity against COVID-19 ″, it was added.

This Monday is the third time that the Government authorizes the free shipment of vaccines so far this month. Until today, almost a million doses have been distributed among six countries in different parts of the world.

11,000 to Saint Vincent and the Grenadines, 18,000 to Saint Lucia, 500,000 to Vietnam, 2,000 to Dominica, 450,000 to Mozambique and 11,000 to Granada.

“In less than a year, on December 24, we were here receiving the first vaccines that arrived in our country, and today, November 22, we have a stock of enough vaccines to ensure the start of the scheme, complete them, and the third doses and reinforcements for the population that is turning 6 months, which allows us to be donating vaccines “, highlighted last week the Minister of Health Carla Vizzotti, who assured that “We have the vaccines for this year and for 2022.”

The decrees published this Monday were signed by President Alberto Fernández, Chief of Staff Juan Manzur, Foreign Minister Santiago Cafiero and Minister Vizzotti.


Government to donate more AstraZeneca coronavirus vaccines
The Government will donate more than a million vaccines against the coronavirus: “We have the doses for this year and for 2022”
The Government will donate almost 1 million vaccines against COVID-19 to Mozambique, Saint Lucia, Saint Vincent and the Grenadines, Vietnam and Dominica

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