The governor of Tabasco, Adán Augusto López, sick of coronavirus


Tested negative in a previous test

Last Monday, the ministry of Health of Tabasco applied the test to the governor, who gave negative at that time to the disease.

The holder of the state agency, Silvia Roldán Fernández, explained that during the celebration of the “Day of the Notary”, the last march 13, was in contact with a person sick of COVID-19therefore as a preventive measure we performed the test.

“You will be made to the governor because he embraced, greeted each other,” she said at a press conference.

After the test, this Friday Adán Augusto López performed a tour of work in Balancan.

The Secretariat of Health reported Saturday that there had been six new cases of COVID-19with what amounted to 27 patients who have tested positive to the test and 81 negative.

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