The great ‘instant Family’ of Mark Wahlberg and Rose Byrne, already on DVD and Blu-ray


MADRID, 10 Jun. (CulturaOcio) –

‘Instant family’a comedy in which Mark Wahlberg and Rose Byrne have a numerous offspring, is now available on DVD and Blu-ray. The incredible true story of the film’s director, Sean Anders, who adopted three children at one time, as it can be enjoyed at home of the hand of Sony Pictures Home Entertainment.

Whalberg and Byrne are Ellie and Pete, a marriage that has not been able to have children. Determined to adopt, enter into the complex system of host. When you know a girl of the host with which to connect immediately, see the opportunity to be parents.

However, the small has two more siblings. Convinced that the brothers do not separate them, just to welcome the three children, going to be a large family. For this challenge, you will have to make an accelerated course of “fatherhood snapshot”, if you want to become a real family.

The edition home of ‘instant Family’ comes loaded with several extras, such as the presentation of the royal family of Sean Anders, details behind the scenes of the tape, and up to an order of hand-in-full shooting. A large assortment of extras, which in the edition in blu-ray can last more than an hour.

In addition to Wahlberg and Byrne, among the big names in the cast are Octavia Spencer or Margo Martindalebut the real stars are the young people who interpreted the three foster children: Julianna Gamiz, Gustavo Escobar and Isabela Moner.

The edition DVD account with the following additional contents:

· The “arreglatodo”

· Outtakes

· Deleted scenes and extended

The edition Blu-ray includes the extras from the DVD and adds the following extras exclusive to the high definition format:

· Commentary by writer/director Sean Anders and writer John Morris

· Children being able to

· I need support

· Order in the room

· The families behind the fair

· Inspirations from the team

· The family Anders

· * * * Request hand in the shooting

· ‘I’ll Stay’ Isabela Moner: music video