The great scandal in Lucía Méndez’s career

The actress’s career was tainted by a big problem a few decades ago

Lucía Méndez went through a great scandal that marked her career in which the singer Yuri was also involved. It was in 1988 when she was associated with a  narcosatanic group. This brought her more than a headache because there were many rumors that haunted her at that time.

In the 1980s, a sect led by the so-called “Narco satanico de Matamoros” became known in Mexico, who established a cult where there were drugs and hidden ceremonies, they committed all kinds of crimes and were highly feared. But how did Lucía Méndez end up related to all this? Everything arose because of her participation in the soap opera of Diana Salazar.

At that time the actress was 32 years old, she had been chosen to star in the production  The Strange Return of Diana Salazar, but this project would leave her with something more than fame because she was linked to the narco-tanism that terrorized the country at that time. This happened in the same way as Yuri, who participated in the telenovela.

Both of them were said to have been lovers of the sect leader, as well as being involved in rituals. The famous immediately looked for a way to clear their name. she later denied that they were involved in any way.

At the beginning of the year, she was again asked about this scandal, the actress recalled that neither she nor Yuri had been satanic, “I already told a lot about that,” said the famous who has had to deal with the issue since then.