“The hardest moment? In the shower, my tail was left in my hand»

Claudia Lai, wife of the former Roma footballer and now under Spal, Nainggolan recounted the hardest moment of his personal battle against cancer. “I was in the shower, I was washing my hair and the tail remained in my hand,” she confided during the YouTgNet broadcast. The influencer, in 2019, discovered that she had breast cancer, from which moment she began the cycle of treatments to defeat the disease, including chemotherapy. When he lost his hair, he was in his fifth period, and the fight against cancer was still an uphill battle.

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«I had recently done the fifth cycle of chemotherapy, I was in Cagliari and I was getting ready to go to an aperitif with friends. I take a shower on the fly and when I removed the elastic the tail remained in my hand », said the woman, now 40 years old, but recovered from the tumor, although as a side effect, she admitted to having bone problems.

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The power of love

But in that moment of fragility, Claudia found the strength to react also thanks to the two little girls who were there with her. There was the eldest daughter Aysha, who is 11 today, and little Mailey, born in 2016, who fortunately was not present in that moment of fear and pain. “We cried and for a moment we panicked. Then we took a machine that we had at home and removed everything ».

The future

For the future, after the illness, no plans: «… when these accidents happen to you, life rushes past you too quickly and you start to have no more expectations, you live from day to day. It is useless to say: “One day I will…”, if you might not arrive at that day».

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