The harsh criticism of Chanchi Estévez to Blanco

The thrashing against River ended up exploding the bad weather in Racing. Beyond the genuine anger of the fans with the leadership, the Mago Capria and the professional team. even former players entered the criticism circuit. This time it was Chanchi Estévez who, in dialogue with Radio La Red, made harsh statements against the leadership. Without mincing words, the former striker, who was always critical, went to the bone. “They speak of Blanco as the best President in history … Always in Racing the leaders were disastrous. I do not want to imagine the things that may come to light when this leadership leaves,” said Chanchi Estévez, without a doubt with the criticism of Blanco.

El Chanchi had also attacked the president through social networks after a tweet from Chino Leunis, whom he also questioned for being one of the greatest exponents of the Racing Positivo mantra, which seems to have disappeared … “Racing Club belongs to the partners” wrote the television host, closely linked to Diego Milito. “Look, I thought he was from Racing Positivo and the best president in history!”, The champion replied with height with Mustard Merlo in 2001. On the radio he also continued to hit hard: “Racing lacks people from the club, who know the idiosyncrasy, the humor of the people. There are some who run the club who are neither Racing fans nor capable “.

Chanchi Estévez also criticized Gago

Maxi also spoke about the current situation of the team, Fernando Gago and the medium term of the Academy. “This present hurts. Racing has to have a project to be the big club it deserves. The leadership is doing things without thinking about the future,” Estevez added. And he pointed out against the coach on duty: “Gago wants to use a football that perhaps the players cannot.”

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