The Haunted Mansion – Disney+ Release Date Announced

During the D23 Expo, the release date for The Haunted Mansion on Disney+ was announced. Let’s find out when the horror comedy with a star-studded cast will air.

Frequently visited house brought the famous Disney theme park attraction back to the big screen, but fared rather disappointingly at the box office. Then during D23, the studio announced that the feature film will arrive in streaming modeon Disney+already starting from The 4th of October. A fairly close date compared to the theatrical debut, which took place on July 28 in the US and August 23 in Italy, which will try to revive the project’s fortunes in time for Halloween. However, it is currently unclear whether there will be Frequently visited house it will also be available in Italy from October 4, but in all likelihood the release on the platform will take place simultaneously in all countries where the service is available.

‘The Haunted Mansion’ Set to Debut on Streaming

A retelling of the horror comedy of the same name starring Eddie Murphy. Frequently visited house tells the story of single mother Gabby and her son who move into their dream home, which they paid for at a bargain price. However, soon both main characters will realize that strange ghosts live in the housewho wake up every day at midnight. To avoid being stuck in the house forever, Gabby and her son turn to… “dream team” of experts, whose members include a priest, a psychic, a former paranormal investigator and a history professor. However, the mission turns out to be more difficult than expected. To bring this terrifying story to life (the film is rated PG 13 in the US, meaning it is not suitable for unaccompanied minors under 13), we are recruiting an all-star cast of Rosario Dawson, Winona Ryder, Owen Wilson, Lakeith Steinfeld – star of the series Atlanta -, Danny DeVito, Tiffany HiddishChase Dillon, Dan Levy Jamie Lee Curtis AND Jared Leto – translators, respectively, of the spirits of Madame Leota and Alistair Crump/Hatbox Ghost, two of Disneyland’s most beloved attraction characters.

As mentioned, Disney decided to release the film on streaming in an attempt to achieve commercial success at least in a “domestic” context, as has already happened with other films, for example. charming. So let’s see if the film, at least on Disney+, will become a small cult of the horror-comedy genre, like Hocus pocus, which received a sequel approximately thirty years after its release. So all that remains is to wait further updates.

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