The health and epidemiological situation in Tucumán is stable and under control

“Our health and epidemiological situation is stable, and all aspects are under control. As far as the new coronavirus is concerned, our daily cases are very small and mild, and the biggest symptoms are upper respiratory tract, with colds, sore throats, no other symptoms because most people are vaccinated,” said the head of the department. Luis Medina Ruiz.

refer to influenza, The official stressed that the current situation is stable, but transmission of influenza A virus (Influenza A), But for patients who show few symptoms, that’s thanks to the vaccines people have been given in recent months.

according to Bronchiolitisthe minister said there was a Cases continue to declineFewer than 200 guards per week have the capacity to take care of inpatients without any waiting.

“Currently, we are incentivizing and Enhanced Chronic Care, have high blood pressure, diabetes, high cholesterol, kidney failure, etc. We are making people aware of these diseases, we all have to have a consultation and an annual check-up to rule out if we have any of them. If we prevent and control all these diseases, we will have fewer incidents,” he said.

Finally, the Head of Health Portfolio declared: Vaccination sites stationed on sidewalks will continue throughout August. “It’s very good news because of the influx and receptivity here, so we’re inviting people who live in the area or who are passing by for work or study to come and get vaccinated, which is a good sign.” message. “Opportunity, but not only against the flu, but against the corona virus, to complete the plan”, he concluded.

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