The healthy diet that could help save the planet

Do you know that there is a diet that could help save the planet? We spend half our lives watching the dietWhat do we eat, what time do we eat, where does what we eat come from and if what we eat makes us fat; and for a long time, we have also been aware of the planet, the climate change, the increase in temperature, the melting of the poles … What if we could unite both ‘concerns’?

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Lifesum Doctors, an app by nutrition that helps users improve health, have revealed how a climate diet can improve health and save the planet by reducing its CO2 by 1.5 tons per year. Plus, they talk about five daily foods and tricks to reduce your carbon footprint. Are you interested?

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How to reduce the carbon footprint?

The key is in locally sourced plant products. Animals generate between 20 and 30% of global carbon emissions. These emissions are changing our planet and causing more heat waves, an increase in the average temperature, droughts … A climate diet not only helps the planet, but will improve our health.

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Processed meat has been linked to heart disease, high blood pressure, gastrointestinal disorders … From Lifesum, Dr. Alona Pulde insists that a climate diet focused on plant-based foods has been shown to reduce the risk of diabetes, heart disease and obesity .

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The diet to save the planet

Lentils: replacing beef with lentils could cut your carbon footprint by more than half.

Seasonal fruits and vegetables: they have a particularly low carbon footprint. Additionally, buying local and seasonal produce reduces packaging and transportation.

Pasta, rice, wheat: They are beneficial to health and require little energy for the environment.

Nuts and seeds: a great source of energy and with a low carbon footprint.

Chicken: beef production requires more land and water. However, replacing it with chicken can cut your carbon footprint in half.

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