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The heartbreaking confession of Camila Cabello’s mother about her daughter’s career

The heartbreaking confession of Camila Cabello's mother about her daughter's career
The heartbreaking confession of Camila Cabello’s mother about her daughter’s career

The mother of Camila Cabello, Sinuhé EstrabaoHe never thought that after leaving Cuba with his family, destiny would bring him a successful life alongside his daughter, whom he now directs in his career.

An architect by profession, Estrabao imagined for his daughter a different path from that of music, however, he accepts that choosing what we will dedicate a good part of our lives to is a very personal choice.

Camila Cabello and her mother, Sinuhé Estrabao, are very close

Camila Cabello’s mother confesses that a career in music and the stardom that it is has meant for her daughter, is a very lonely path that she never wanted her daughter to travel.

“I didn’t want this life for her. It’s such a lonely life But at the end of the day, it is your decision. It’s their passion, “Sinuhé Estrabao revealed while recalling all that it took them as a family to get to where they are.

And Camila Cabello does not forget where she comes from, one of her first great successes was dedicated to her hometown, “La Habana” and partnered with a foundation and donated all the proceeds from that song to help support Dreamers who like her. They are looking for a new opportunity in the United States.

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