The heartbreaking message of Ana Rosenfeld, one month after the death of her husband

Ana Rosenfeld and Marcelo Frydlewski (@ ana.rosenfeld)
Ana Rosenfeld and Marcelo Frydlewski (@ ana.rosenfeld)

“Today, November 9, just a month ago you physically left my side”, begins the text that Ana Rosenfeld wrote on her Instagram account in memory of her husband, Marcelo Frydlewski, who died on October 9 in Miami due to a complication in his coronavirus picture.

The lawyer shared an emotional letter and, in dialogue with Teleshow, He said that last Sunday there was an intimate and family ceremony because it was one month after his departure, according to the Jewish calendar. Anyway, this Tuesday he did not want to stop mentioning. “You will never leave me alone because your light will always shine and I promised our daughters that I would be strong and honor every minute of the life we ​​share.”He argued over the 36 years they shared. Fruit of their love, they were born Pamela and Stephanie.

“I cry every second that I smell your perfume and I look for you around me when I imagine your voice”Ana added in the heartbreaking text she wanted to share with her almost 600,000 Instagram followers. “I already know that you are not going to enter the door anymore, as I have been waiting for you. Now you are only inside me and that is where you will be forever “, continued the lawyer and considered:” Life is a before, and now in more, an after. “

Ana Rosenfeld and Marcelo Frydlewski were together 36 years
Ana Rosenfeld and Marcelo Frydlewski were together 36 years

They met in college when she was very young (at 20 she had already graduated as a lawyer), but at that moment nothing happened. Time after, each one married and, once they were divorced, they were reunited. “We study together. We met again 36 years ago, he came to my office for a work issue with who my partner was, he did not come and he told me to take care of him. It was little by little because we each had a relationship on our own. We remember stories from the faculty. Then I went on vacation to Brazil with my sister and he appeared as a surprise, started a beautiful relationship and did not stop”Ana recalled recently in an interview with Ángel de Brito in The angels of the morning.

“Marcelo was a happy man who enjoyed everything and always knew that he was sick of other things”, said and recalled when during the hospitalization for COVID-19 the doctors requested authorization to perform procedures: “They tell us that if they did not intubate him he would die, I said goodbye to him and moved him with my words. I felt that I had to give him courage because for him, being intubated was a goodbye, it was not like an anesthesia from an operation ”.

“How do they tell you that he was dying?”Ángel de Brito asked the lawyer. “That was cruel”She admitted and continued: “At first they didn’t let me go for more than a little while even though I was in common therapy. On September 22, they called me to say that there were hours to live and I went to say goodbye to him. I cried, I screamed because they told me he was leaving and it lasted. It lasted until October 9. They realized that they had hurt me saying they had hours left and they let me go twice a day. I would go to the morning and afternoon for a while, every day. I sang to him, he spoke to him, the nonsense that I have told him, from day to day, from messages and affection, what he did with the shirts and the suitcase. On October 9 at five thirty in the morning the phone rings and I said … you never imagine. He was from the sanatorium and the doctor with very difficult English told me on the phone: ‘Marcelo just left’. I started crying, helpless because you always have the illusion of a miracle. I used to give him audios and songs that were good for his heart”.


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