The hidden world of Sabrina: Kiernan Shipka spoke about the new season


Kiernan Shipka and Gavin Leatherwood, protagonists of The hidden world of Sabrina, were in December at the Comic-con of Buenos Aires. Credit: Screenshot Twitter Netflix

Throughout its history,


has been shown to be a character capable of starring in adventures of all kinds. From a fiction camp as the Adam West in the 60’s, passing through the dark film of Tim Burton or the animated series from the 90’s. Is that the mythology of Bruce Wayne is so rich, that allows writers of all kinds to approach that world from different angles and through varied narratives. And with

Sabrina, the teenage witch

, something similar happens. The friendly house was created in 1962 for comics from Archie, she presented a world of colors to gogo, dancing, carefree and adolescent conflicts.

Taking that idea as a parent, but bringing it closer to the current sensitivity and with a strong dose of horror, Netflix released in 2018

The hidden world of Sabrina

, a successful revival of the character who today premiered its third season

. For that reason

THE NATION spoke exclusively with Kiernan Shipka and Gavin Leatherwood

the protagonists of the series who visited our country for the latest installment of Comic-con, about how a novel teenager with ingredients satanists became the new success of the platform.

With a foot in each world

The hidden world of Sabrina – Part 3 Trailer – Source: Netflix


Sabrina (

Kiernan Shipka

, Mad Men) is a teenager who seems to lead a life that is different to that of any other young man. His life is shared between studies, her boyfriend Harvey (Ross Lynch) and the routine with her two aunts, Zelda (Miranda Otto) and Hilda (Lucy Davis). But your birthday number sixteen is about, and she should be given over to the occult side of your life, and embrace an eternity to the orders of the dark Lord, master of hell.

The protagonist must face that fate because she is the daughter of a human and a witch, and that is why the tradition ordered, at the time of attaining that age, go through the ritual known as Baptism Black. This heritage puts her at a crossroads, because if your destination is unavoidable, accept it also involves abandoning his mortal life, and saying good-bye to her boyfriend and friends. Although understand that you must accept her legacy, she felt a deep rejection against the possibility of abandoning his life “ordinary”. For that reason, and unexpectedly, at the last moment the teenager rebels against his fate. That act, of course, has serious consequences for herself and for her family, with which you must deal.

The new challenges in the third season

Interview with Kiernan Shipka and Gavin Leatherwood


Throughout the second season, Sabrina evolved a lot in their skills. Although he never renounced his status of a mortal, his power grew dramatically. With the villain by weaving plans from the shadows, she began to prepare for a war short, in the first instance the pitted against the professor Wardwell (Michelle Gomez). Under the aspect of that woman was hiding Lilith, the main subject of Satan. Taking into account the trust relationship that the protagonist had with his master, the handling was a simple task. Eventually the young witch discovered who was hiding under the aspect of Wardwell, although he could not avoid being subjected to a dark spell that facilitated the arrival of the demon. With the gates of hell to open up in the heart of Greendale, the witch faced the Dark Lord and, as is often the case, paid a high price for their victory.

According to Kiernan Shipka told THE NATION, the third season will be very focused on the life teen of the heroine, her routine in the school and how your friends mortal will be more involved in the supernatural parts of everything that happens at Greendale. For his part, Roberto Aguirre Sacasa, the creator of the series, confirmed in a press conference: “In the third year we will go to Hell. It will be very fun, a little dangerous, but very fun.”

The new episodes also will mark the appearance of new characters, and one of the most important is Caliban

. Played by the actor Sam Corlett, this villain attractive in appearance is a sort of Prince of Darkness, incarnate a boy with that Sabrina will have a difficult relationship. On the other hand, will also make his appearance a voodoo priestess named Mambo Marie (Skye P. Marshall), who will be key in the mission of Ambrose (Chance Perdomo) and Prudence (Tati Gabrielle) that has as objective to find and kill the Blackwood (Richard Coyle). The last of the additions to the fiction of Robin (Jonathan Whitessel), a young man who is involved romantically with Theo and that will hide dangerous secrets.

The great secret of the series: Kiernan Shipka

The hidden world of Sabrina – Part 2 – Source: Netflix


But the most important of the new episodes, the real appeal of the series, is once more the presence of Shipka as the protagonist. With less than twenty years, the actress had an extensive curriculum that earned him the possibility of interpreting the powerful Sabrina.

Kiernan started working with just seven years old, and at eight he won his first important role on Mad Men

. In this fiction she played Sally Draper, the young daughter of Don (Jon Hamm). Kiernan participated in the series throughout all their seasons, and both the actress as the character grew, the couple faced new challenges as the years passed. According to Shipka, his role in

Mad Men

he was decisive in his career: “it Was my first big character and the experience over all the years that lasted the series was very transformative. The actresses that I worked with were so good to be next to them it was definitely something that brought me to be who I am today, in every one of my aspects”.

Interview with Kiernan Shipka And Gavin Leatherwood


When the television producer

Greg Berlanti

(also responsible for


series “sister”

The hidden world of Sabrina,

that the public does not stop to fantasize about a


began work on this new version of the teenage witch, summoned a meeting of the above-mentioned Aguirre Sacasa, who had long since wrote the comic books of Sabrina. With the project confirmed on Netflix, Sacasa thought of Kiernan to the heroine of the title.

The actress was the only star that I had in mind for that role, as he confessed in an interview with THE NATION

: “Kiernan was the first and only option. Kiernan was 18 but looked 15, and it was vital that they could broadcast that youth that reigns supreme in the series”. Ironically, and although at this point there is no doubt that Shipka is the Sabrina perfect, the actress brought him to the production of a small headache.

The reason?

She is allergic to cats, and because of that it is important not to film too close to the feline that embodies Salem, faithful companion of the witch. The concern that was so large, that even thought of turning the pet into a dog, an idea which fortunately did not prosper.

Satanism and controversial unforeseen

Sabrina will face new challenges in the third season of
Sabrina will face new challenges in the third season of “The hidden world of Sabrina”

Any fan of the series that fairly is familiar with satanism, it does not take long to recognize some of their icons or symbologies features in the story.

It led to a complaint fuelled by the collective called The temple of satan, who sued Warner and Netflix for fifty million dollars

. In November of 2018, shortly after the premiere of the first season, spokespersons of this entity reported that the reason for the trial had to do with the use that in

The hidden world of Sabrina

was Baphomet. In fiction, it shows that deity is anthropomorphic, with a goat’s head, wings, and two smaller ones that surround it, a representation very similar to the sculpture “the Baphomet with the children”, opened in the united States in 2013 by the Temple Worshippers. And, given that similarity, the group initiated actions on the grounds that it had respected the rights of the author.

Without the intention of prolonging the conflict more than necessary, the authorities of Netflix and Warner met with the satanists and both parties were closed “in a friendly manner”. The founder of the Temple of Satan, Lucien Graves, wrote in his twitter that “thus culminating one of the demands by the rights of the author more publicized”, and a possible fight court nor the magic of Sabrina could have been avoided.

The third season of The hidden world of Sabrina is now available on Netflix