‘The hidden world of Sabrina’: meet three new characters – News series


The third installment of the series will have new faces in the cast.

The date for the premiere of the new season of The hidden world of Sabrina is drawing ever closer and therefore Netflix will release paulinamente more information, teasers and promotional photos. We know that the third and fourth installment are already filmed and that by which we sense to be the order of Sabrina (Kiernan Shipka) in the third season will be to save her boyfriend Nick (Gavin Leatherwood) to the very Satan. Fortunately it is revealed three of the new signings for the new part, as well as the names of the characters they will play.

The announcement was made in the official account of the series where you see Ambrose Spellman (Chance Perdomo) by opening your computer and finding a series of photos with characters we didn’t know and a folder that says: “Who are they?” Later, in another video, Ambrose opens videos on your laptop with three of the new characters: Sam Corlett, Skye Marshall and Jonathan Whitesell.

Sam Corlett will be Calibana teenager mysterious and charming that carries the nickname of “Prince of Hell”, one of the greatest enemies of Sabrina, as it will fight against her for the throne. Skye Marshall plays Mambo Marie, voodoo will have to do with Ambrose to locate Blackwood, another one of the sworn enemies of the Spellman’s, although, according to rumors, Mambo has secret plans involving Zelda (Miranda Otto).

Jonathan Whitesell gives life to a young man named Robin, who is part of the carnival comes to Greendale, and is involved with Theo (Susie Putnam), and, although beginning, is a character with a good vibe, it can be dangerous enough for anyone to come between their plans.

The three characters are involved with Sabrina directly and indirectly, which will make the more complicated path to the witch than we thought. What will take over the throne of hell? This will respond in less than a month since part 3 of The hidden world of Sabrina premieres January 24, 2020.