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The hidden world of Sabrina has gained a lot of popularity throughout these months and with the confirmation of your third seasonfans can’t wait to see more about the protagonist and how will wrapping it in the magic and the relationship with their peers.

And although it has not yet come to light an official trailer of the new installment, it would have shown a recent detail quite peculiar. Apparently, to celebrate the birthday of Ross Lynch, who gives life to Harvey Kinkle, the showrunner of the series from Netflix, Roberto Aguirre – Sacasa, published via Twitter a picture behind the scenes of the advancement.


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In it, you can see the friends of SabrinaHarvey, Theo, and Roz rehearsing musical instruments, and in the battery you can see a logo with the word “Fright Club”. “The best garage band since the Archies,” said the manager.

It should be remembered that in Riverdaleproduced also by Aguirre-Sacasa, music is an essential part of the story, which is perhaps not surprising that in The hidden world of Sabrina to happen the same.

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The third season of the popular series Netflix has planned to release for the 24th of January 2020, bringing new adventures of the protagonist.

What is it about, The hidden world of Sabrina?

According to the official account of Netflix, The hidden world of Sabrina, tells about the magic and mischief that mark the direction of Sabrina, a teenager of dual nature that is torn between the world of mortals and the one that is hidden beneath.

What is the secret of the family of Sabrina?

Sabrina was given a slate for the family secret to sorting out all the clues and finally discovered it on your trip to Hawaii. The secret of the family Spellman is: Each member of the family Spellman is born with a twin.